14 Content Writer interview questions and answers

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What makes good content? How do you know if a piece of content is doing well?

You want to make sure the content writer understands how their work aligns with your business strategy. Good answers might include the following: “Good content should inform and engage readers," or "Good content drives clicks, pageviews, unique visitors, etc."

What do you need to know about a project before you start writing?

Good content writers should start by asking questions and doing research. Who is their target audience? What are the goals of this project? Look out for writers who say they "just start writing."

How would you capture our company’s voice?

Every great writer has his or her own unique voice, but in the case of content writers, you want to make sure their voice aligns with your brand. Good candidates should familiarize themselves with the existing copy on your site and be able to speak confidently about it.

How do you decide what tone to use with a particular piece of writing?

This question is designed to give you a sense of how thoughtful a content writer is. Good writers should think both about the audience they’re writing for and also what the goal of the project is.

How do you talk about a dry or technical subject without relying on buzzwords?

Great web content is clear and digestible. Good writers feel comfortable translating complex or technical ideas into plain language that readers can easily understand.

How do you tell a credible source from a not-so-credible source?

This is a question about judgment. Does the professional understand the difference between drawing on legitimate, thoroughly vetted sources like The New York Times or peer-reviewed journals, compared with unverified sources such as personal blogs?

What do you do to make your writing more SEO-friendly?

Good candidates won’t just be great writers; they’ll also know the best practices for SEO, like using the right keywords in the right quantity, and adding hyperlinks to other pieces of content on your site as well as outside sources.

What style guides are you familiar with?

Great candidates should at least be familiar with a major style guide like the AP Stylebook or Chicago Manual of Style. Consider it a flag if this question elicits no response or an "I play it by ear" response.

How do you incorporate feedback and edits into your work?

This question should give you an idea of what this writer is like to work with. While good content writers should be able to defend their choices, they should also be receptive to constructive feedback from their clients.

How do you proofread a piece of work?

All writers make mistakes, but good writers should know how to catch them. Great candidates should have a proofreading strategy, whether it’s reading a printed copy, reading their piece aloud, or even reading the piece backwards.

How do you make sure work gets done on schedule?

This question should give you a sense of the content writer’s workstyle. You want someone who’s comfortable committing to deadlines and scheduling check-ins so there are no surprises when the final deliverables arrive.

What are you reading right now?

Good writers are also good readers. Great candidates might mention popular writing blogs, major magazines, or novels. The main thing is that they should demonstrate that they’re active and engaged readers.

What formats are you comfortable writing in?

It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right tool for the job. If you’re looking for someone to write video scripts, you may not want a writer who’s primarily interested in writing listicles.

What content management systems have you used?

Depending on your specific needs, you might be looking for a writer who can post content directly on your site. In these cases, you want someone who knows their way around a major content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Magento.



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  • US$35 hourly
    Akshay Kumar M.
    Content Writer
    • 4.9
    • (26 jobs)
    New Delhi, NCT
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Content Writing
    Sales Writing
    Sports Writing
    News Writing
    Humor Writing
    Search Engine Optimization
    SEO Writing
    Article Writing
    Blog Writing
    In my personal opinion, the most important attribute for sports content writers has to be their passion for sports. That's where I believe I have an edge over other competitors when it comes to writing about a myriad of sports, particularly football (soccer). I have written more than 300 articles which have been published on several websites. Currently a full time contributor at TheSportster.com, I am deeply passionate about football and mixed martial arts in particular and possess extensive knowledge concerning global sports. Apart from sports, I am capable of writing about a wide array of topics, ranging from technology to food reviews. In short, I can be classified as a generic content writer with a lot of time on his hands, as I'm currently waiting for my job as a marketing analyst to begin in Singapore. So if you require a passionate writer for your content, especially anything related to sports, I will make sure I exceed your expectations and matching deadlines is one of the core principles of my life, so I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
  • US$20 hourly
    Gbenga A.
    Content Writer
    • 4.9
    • (23 jobs)
    Osogbo, OSUN
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Content Writing
    Article Writing
    Editing & Proofreading
    Hello, Thank you for checking my profile. My name is Gbenga, I am a writer with 9 years of experience and about 4 years practical experience with different high-profile companies. I am also a YouTube Scriptwriter who has written for both established and start-up YouTube channels. I am especially skilled in blog contents, creative writing, copywriting, and scriptwriting. I have expertly written with across different niches including but not limited to tech, AI, pet, real estate, legal writing, transportation, security services, sports, crime, supernatural and so on. My major attribute is that I'll infuse personality into your content and help your audience feel as though you are talking to them. I do this gathering by your thoughts, then research extensively to ensure I understand your topic and intent. Then, I will work collaboratively with you to shape the message and to build. Message me, and let us make your project what your audience wants Best regards.
  • US$25 hourly
    Alli M.
    Content Writer
    • 4.8
    • (72 jobs)
    Overland Park, KS
    vsuc_fltilesrefresh_TrophyIcon Content Writing
    English Tutoring
    Qualitative Research
    Policy Writing
    Microsoft Office
    Political Science
    Research Papers
    I am a writer and editor who specializes in SEO content and academic writing. While earning my B.A. in Political Science, I spent three years tutoring writing, and my tutoring experience enables me to accurately identify, correct, and explain errors in a short period of time while editing. Additionally, while tutoring, I encountered a wide variety of writing projects and had to quickly learn genre and style conventions for various disciplines, so I can provide valuable feedback or content for nearly any project. I largely attribute my Upwork success to those fundamental skills that I learned as a writing tutor. Over the past two years, my skills and dedication have enabled me to become a full-time freelancer through Upwork. While I still work with academic clients, my primary focus today is SEO and web content. I enjoy working with a variety of clients to write and edit material ranging from snorkeling to international politics. I am happy to discuss almost any project, so please reach out to me if you have something in mind!
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