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Cartoon Character Modeling FAQ

What is character modeling?

Character modeling refers to the process of developing multidimensional characters or models as part of a 3D environment. Creating such characters usually includes the use of 3D animation software where the character is given depth, texture, and other characteristics to ensure it fits seamlessly within the environment for which it was created.

Modeling characters is commonly accomplished by capable 3D animation artists who are well versed in character modeling and development, as well as in using 3D animation software.

How long does it take to model a character?

The time it takes to model a character varies depending on the style of the 3D animation artists, the requirements of the character being developed, and the tools being used to create the animation.

It’s important to note that there are two general phases to creating character models. First there is the illustration phase, where the character is concepted and illustrated along with all necessary depth, color, and texture. The second phase is the rendering of the character, which involves the computer software actually drawing the finished piece in relatively high quality.

The time it takes experienced character modelers to create the illustration and facilitate the render can be anywhere from a few minutes for very simple characters to two weeks or more. The render time for characters featuring great detail, such as individual hair strands, will be on the longer end of the spectrum.

How do you create a 3D character model?

A 3D character model can be created in a number of ways. A relatively easy way is to begin from a 2D character and ask animation software to extrapolate a 3D character design from that image. A more common way is to develop the 3D character from scratch using 3D animation software. Either approach can help you create 3D character models.

The best character modelers use a variety of 3D software to create and refine 3D characters. Software such as Blender, Houdini, Maya, and Autodesk 3ds Max enable artists to create 3D characters for a variety of uses, including gaming, video, and product development.

How do you find the best 3D character modeling services?

Identifying capable character modeling services starts with using a platform such as Upwork. Individuals and organizations using Upwork can develop a job description related to their character modeling project. Once the job description is completed, including time frame, desired geographic location of candidates, suggested software to be used, requirements of character detail, and budget, it is distributed to targeted candidates who then submit proposals for the job.

Clients can review and shortlist the most capable candidates according to the details of the submitted proposals and communicate further with that list, if necessary. Once a selection is made, the new hire will provide their services and communicate with the client via Upwork’s intuitive communication platform. In addition, payment through Upwork, once the project is complete, is protected and a snap.