Marketing Consultation with Farasat S.

5.0 · 104 reviews

Marketing Consultation with Farasat S.

5.0 · 104 reviews

You will get the best consultant on Amazon PPC and listing SEO, that is how the Campaigns manage and Optimize with Bids and Placement settings.

✅ Reasons to pick me over other freelancers:
1. I will consult on seller central not on just slides.
2. Experienced and proficient. I know the ins and outs of Amazon and how to get REAL results.
3. I am easy to get in touch with and will provide intelligent communication.
Get personalised advice on:
Ecommerce Marketing Marketing Strategy Marketing Web Analytics Video Marketing amazon fba ppc campaign setup & management amazon listing optimization campaign optimization amazon ppc

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Farasat S.

About Farasat

Farasat S.
Amazon Expert | Amazon PPC Expert | Amazon Listing SEO & Ranking Scale
97% Job Success
5.0  (104 reviews)
Khanewal, Pakistan - 8:24 pm local time
Hello! 😊

Meet with anAmazon Expert! Farasat Sohail and I specialize in the following areas:

🎯 Amazon PPC Advertising (Sales & Growth)
🎯 Amazon Listing Optimization & Copywriting
🎯 Walmart Ads Manager
🎯 Amazon Expert
🎯 Amazon PPC Expert
🎯 Amazon PPC
🎯 Amazon FBA
🎯 Amazon Listing
🎯 Amazon virtual assistant
🎯 Amazon PPC specialist

Over the past 7 years, I have acquired extensive knowledge in PPC Advertising while working with Multi-Million dollar brands like SmartyPants (Vitamins), Nature's Craft, Himalayan Chef, Go-Cuff, and many more.

Here are the services I offer:
✅ Listing Optimization (SEO) - Including Titles, Bullets, Description, EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), and A+ Content
✅ Paid Advertising PPC Management - Including Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Display Ads, AMS, DSP/Video
✅ Brand Management
✅ International Marketplace Expansion and Ad Management (US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France)
✅ Weekly and Monthly Reporting

I understand how to save time and money, as demonstrated by my satisfied clients whom I have helped manage monthly budgets ranging from $30,000 to $70,000. By achieving the best sales and the lowest ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale), I have enabled them to enjoy their business on Amazon.

It's important to note that listing optimization and PPC go hand in hand. It's not just about having a well-structured PPC campaign; a visually appealing listing and compelling, connection-making content are what turn visitors into buyers.

If your goal is to minimize the chaos in your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) journey, let's connect. I use my own data analysis tools and techniques and continuously attend conferences to stay updated on Amazon business and PPC knowledge.

☀️I provide the following services in which I combine motivation with a can-do management style that corresponds with the requirements of your organization.

🔎 Keyword Research:
I’ll make sure to provide you with the best keyword research and Amazon suggested top rated to use in your listing content and in the backend search terms field.

☑️ Listing & Optimization:
I will assist you with creating amazing, SEO-friendly, and eye-catching Amazon product listings with title, bullet points, and descriptions (HTML or EBC).

🛃 Account Health & Customer Support:
Dealing with customers is a completely different job that requires a steady, calm head. I'll be taking care of Product Returns & Refunds, Warranty Claims, A to Z Claims, etc. to provide you with full assistance.

Additionally, I offer on-demand e-commerce services for, Amazon (Seller, Vendor central), eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Wayfair and other B2B platforms including the following:

🔥Full Account Management
🔥Custom Brand store Design & Creation
🔥Advertising strategic planning and profit analysis
🔥Product Launches
🔥Listing Content Creation
🔥Brand Analysis
🔥Wayfair listing

👀Take a close look at a few of the main platforms👀

✅Amazon Seller Central:

🎯 Walmart Ads Manager.
🎯 Amazon Expert.
🎯 Amazon PPC Expert.
🎯 Amazon PPC.
🎯 Amazon FBA.
🎯 Amazon PPC Manager.
🎯 Amazon FBA Expert.
🎯 Amazon Listing.
🎯 Amazon Listing Expert.
🎯 Amazon virtual assistant.
🎯 Amazon PPC specialist.
🎯 Amazon variation add/fix
🎯Wayfair Expert
🎯Amazon complex flat file fixing
🎯Amazon category approval/Ungating
🎯Amazon listing upload
🎯Amazon feed upload
🎯Amazon Brand Registry-related Issues
🎯Amazon Template modification
🎯Amazon inventory upload
🎯Amazon listing modification
🎯Amazon Seller Central Account Management
🎯Amazon FBA listing
🎯Amazon Product image editing using photoshop
🎯Amazon Product image editing with white background
🎯Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Upload

✅Amazon Vendor Central:
💢Purchase Orders (POs)
💢Reimbursement and chargeback
💢Listing new items via NIS file
💢Updating existing listings in bulk
💢Variation creation
💢Document submission, like SDS, UN 38
💢Bulk images upload via pdf
💢Resolving errors in the suppressed images
💢Fixing cot issues
💢I know how to collect ARA Basic data and how to identify chargebacks, POs, etc.
💢Inventory Management system
💢Content Update
💢Amazon Vendor Expert

🔗Bulk listing (spec sheet templates)
🔗Shipping Plan /WFS shipments
🔗Shipment reconciliations
🔗Reimbursements against lost Inventory
🔗Listing Variations like color and size (parent-child relationship)
🔗Inventory Planning & Order Processing
🔗Customer Services and Order processing
🔗Keyword research for PPC
🔗Bulk campaign optimization
🔗Listing score enhancement
🔗Ranking your listings against the main or any specific keywords

🔗Listing Creation; Single or under Variation
🔗ebay Expert
🔗ebay listing
🔗Competition research
🔗Keywords research.
🔗Making best listing titles [according to eBay best match search algorithm]
🔗Creating good-looking listing templates

📞 Let's schedule a call to discuss how we can grow and scale your business.


Thank you. 😊

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    Belal H.
    3 Jun 2024
    I recently had the pleasure of consulting with Farasat, and I am thoroughly impressed with the experience. From start to finish, he demonstrated a high level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication.

    Farasat quickly understood my needs and provided insightful, tailored advice that was both practical and actionable. His in-depth knowledge of the subject matter was evident, and he communicated complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner.
    Zain S.
    8 May 2024
    Khalid G.
    24 Apr 2024
    Zain S.
    22 Apr 2024
    Scott M.
    27 Feb 2024
    I had a consultation with Farasat regarding Amazon product listing, PPC, and account management, and I must say it was incredibly insightful. Farasat demonstrated extensive knowledge in these areas and offered valuable insights into the processes involved. His expertise helped me understand key strategies to optimize my Amazon presence effectively. I highly recommend Farasat for anyone seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of Amazon selling. Thank you for your expertise and assistance!