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Graphic designers tell visual stories through images and typography. Advertising graphic designers specifically work in advertising to help communicate with a target audience. A marketing designer at an advertising agency might collaborate with a design team to fulfill all aspects of the design process for a client’s marketing needs. This could include ad design and copywriting for print ads, social media, and other digital marketing. Independent advertising graphic designers might specialize in a single design service for your marketing campaigns or brand identity. Freelance graphic designers on Upwork have profiles that showcase portfolios, ratings, and customer reviews so that you can feel confident in hiring the right fit for your needs.

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Other Design FAQ

What is the difference between graphic design and advertising design?

Advertising design uses graphic design with the end goal of selling products or services. Graphic designers might work to represent the visual identity of a brand more completely throughout a brand’s logo design, typography, and imagery. Though advertising design uses graphic design, it is more specified and blends design with marketing.

How are graphics used in advertising?

Graphics are used in advertising to make a brand stand out to consumers. Graphics might be on posters, billboards, flyers, or online ad campaigns and are intended to communicate brand identity or make a message pop. High-quality advertising leads help you stand out from competitors. Brand recognition leads to customers returning and staying loyal to your service or product.

Is graphic design considered advertising?

Graphic design is not the same as advertising, though these roles often work together on creative teams. Advertising designers work in advertising and graphic designers work in a variety of industries. The focus of advertising design is to create advertisements that get people to buy products. Graphic design has more of a focus on composition, color, font, and other visual elements that are used in all visual design, in and out of advertising.

What skills does an advertising designer need?

An advertising graphic designer needs years of experience and a portfolio showcasing great design skills as well as a working knowledge of Adobe creative suite apps like Photoshop and InDesign. Some employers might require a bachelor’s degree, but it is possible to have a career in advertising graphic design without one.

In addition to being able to work independently or as a team, a designer needs an understanding of design principles, design trends, project management skills, and a mastery of design software like Adobe Creative Suite.
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