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Watercolor Portraits & Caricatures FAQ

What is a caricature?

Caricatures are cartoon photos or portraits that greatly exaggerate the physical features or personality traits of a particular person. The intention behind caricature is humor, not offense, while also letting others see characteristics they have but may not notice in daily life. Since the portrait is of a hyperbolic nature, it would likely provide abstract representations of this portrayal, though not all will.

What makes a good caricature cartoon photo?

Good caricatures are defined by the degree to which they can draw attention to a striking characteristic in cartoonish style. Great caricatures are differentiated by the artist’s ability to draw focus to a specific aspect of the image and frame it in a way that can be well received, whether by onlookers, the target of the portrait, or both.

Good caricatures also tend to include additional information, such as social dynamism, interpersonal relationships or characteristics, or other facets that can highlight the image’s focus. For example, a meek person in a relationship may be portrayed as a smaller person under the foot of a greatly enlarged version of their romantic partner.

How do you make a caricature portrait?

Heavily generalized caricature portraits can be made via an app, such as a Snap filter, while more intricate and customized portraits must be commissioned by an artist. Some artists use social intricacy, such as taboo, to create a more shocking or impactful image for their customers and the audience. Others, meanwhile, may use physical or character flaws.

The most important part of caricature is that it pertains to a real facet of a person, whether alive or fictitious.

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