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Postcard Design FAQ

How do I get postcards?

In order to get custom postcards designed, it’s important to have an idea of the aesthetic you want and the message you want to convey. Some postcards include a small blank area on the back where you can hand-write personal messages, while others fill both the front and the back with photos and printed messages.

Once your design is finished, you can send it to a printing service and have the postcards sent directly to your address. The front of postcards are often printed on paper with a glossy-finish, while the back is generally matte , which allows you to easily write messages in pen, pencil, or marker.

Can I print my own postcards?

While you can print your own postcards, many recommend using a professional service unless your printer is able to handle high-gloss card stock. When you print postcards on non glossy paper, you run the risk of having your postcards degrade over time.

Professionals often use higher-quality paper than consumer-grade printers prefer, further adding to the risk of not using a pro.

What is standard postcard size?

Postcards have some size-based variability, but they tend to stay between 3.5” and 4.25” in height and 4.25” to 6” in length. Postcards are generally 0.007”-0.016” thick. These measurements come from the USPS First-Class Shipping instructions here.

Does a postcard need a return address?

Return addresses are not needed to send postcards, but if the post office cannot deliver your postcard for any reason, they'll also never be able to send it back to you. Some holiday enthusiasts choose to invest in custom stamps to suit the vibe and structure of their postcard.

Whatever the occasion, it's clear that postcards still offer a consistent level of intimacy, as opposed to simply sending out a text or an email. Sending postcards shows that the recipient is on your mind or important to you, because it takes time and effort to hand-write a message, select or commission a postcard, and actually mail the postcard. Freelancers from Upwork have designed countless custom postcards for their clients. There’s more information about commissioning a custom postcard design here.