You will get iOS App stay fresh and upgraded for a tiny monthly maintenance fee

Subodh S.
Subodh S. Subodh S.
Top Rated

Let a pro handle the details

Buy Custom Mobile Apps services from Subodh, priced and ready to go.

You will get iOS App stay fresh and upgraded for a tiny monthly maintenance fee

Subodh S.
Subodh S. Subodh S.
Top Rated

What's included US$449


This plan takes care of one App either on the Android or iOS platforms.

  • Delivery time 3 days
  • Number of Revisions 3
  • Number of Mobile Operating Systems 1
    • App Store Upload
    • Source Code

3 days delivery — 19 Jul 2024
Revisions may occur after this date.
Upwork Payment Protection
Fund the project upfront. Subodh gets paid once you are satisfied with the work.

Let a pro handle the details

Buy Custom Mobile Apps services from Subodh, priced and ready to go.

Project details

We will keep your Mobile App Fresh & Updated for only $449 a month. Add another $300 and we will maintain the app on one more platform.

What We Will Do for You:

1. Create New Builds Every 3 Months (3 builds in 6 month period)
2. Update Libraries & Dependencies
3. Test the Product on 5 Latest devices
4. Publish to App Store (Google and/or Apple)

What If You Miss Out on the Program? Missing out on this opportunity means you will encounter:

1. Sudden App Crashes and Errors
2. Recurring Expenses on App Maintenance
3. Negative Customer Reviews
4. Loss of Customers, Revenue & Reputation

Benefits You Will Get with Our Program:

1. Zero Complaints from Happy Customers
2. App doesn't break after OS upgrades from Apple & Google
3. Experts on standby to Add New Features

What’s Not Included in the Program:

1. UI or Functional Changes Made to Apps
2. Replacement of Deprecated Libraries & SDKs
3. App Rejection Handling Due to Changes in Google/Apple Terms
4. Any work related to the backend or server-side changes
App Type
Native App
Development Technology
Swift, Objective-C
App Purpose
Delivery, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Maps & Navigation, Music, Restaurant, Shopping, Social Networking, Streaming
Cross Browser & Device Compatibility, Performance Optimization, Security
What's included US$449 These options are included within the project scope.
  • Delivery time 3 days
  • Number of Revisions 3
  • Number of Mobile Operating Systems 1
    • App Store Upload
    • Source Code
Optional add-ons You can add these on the next page.
Platinum: Additional Mobile Operating System (+ 3 Days)

Frequently asked questions

175 reviews
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Rating breakdown


David R.
13 Jun 2024
IVR Development for mobile application via Google Assistant


Walter H.
15 Sept 2023
Mobile App development location based utilizing flutter / React


Mahdiur R.
8 Aug 2023
Need expert to help me through Apple's App Review Process Subodh is great for a consulation! He has extensive experience and will give you suggestions and advice on top of your initial ask. Highly recommend him!


Dana H.
3 May 2023
Cocoapods+SPM+Subspecs Expert Consulting Needed Rajeev and team did a good job understanding our issue and coming up with a resolution.


Greg K.
22 Feb 2023
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Subodh S.

About Subodh

Subodh S.
FinTech Expert | CTO 20+ YOE | Solution Architect Consultant | USD 1M+
100% Job Success
5.0  (175 reviews)
Charlotte, United States - 8:19 am local time
🥇 𝐆𝐥𝐨𝐛𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐓𝐎 - 𝐅𝐢𝐱 𝐁𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐧 𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐭𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐒𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐦𝐬.

🏆 $𝟓𝐌+ Revenue
🏆 𝟏𝟎𝟎+ Companies scaled
🏆 𝟐𝟎𝟎+ Successful Apps

📈 Help B2B / B2C companies improve profitability/efficiency by at least 𝟏𝟎%

🤝 I've Built and Worked on over 2𝟎𝟎+ Web & Mobile Projects.

💡 My clients are individuals, startups, and enterprises that primarily come from another dev shop with broken software or stagnant performance

⭐ Proficient in Project Management, Agile Methodologies, and Team Leadership.

What I bring to the Table:
🔸Technical expertise, including software development and technical lead experience.
🔸Technical discussions with investors, founders, and stakeholders.
🔸Expertise in scaling teams and infrastructure for millions of users.
🔸Expert in Managing third-party agencies and developers.
🔸Expertise in converting business objectives into results.
🔸Building strong relationships with C-level executives.
🔸Experience leading cross-cultural and hybrid teams.
🔸Agile development and project management.

See what Mark and Patrick from BrainTap and Streamily have to say about our engagement. Visible on my profile.

𝐀𝐬 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐄𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐓𝐚𝐩:
I cut monthly costs from $𝟏𝟔𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎 to $𝟓𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎. I launched all desired functions and had a 𝟗𝟗.𝟔% crash-free rate. Contributing to 𝟏𝟎,𝟎𝟎𝟎+ downloads and 𝟒.𝟗 user rating with over 840 reviews.

⭐ Result of my Engagement: ⭐

🎯 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲: Company workforce grew from 𝟏𝟓 to 𝟐𝟖 in one year. Revenue increased 𝟏.𝟒𝐗

🎯 𝐁𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐓𝐚𝐩: Revenue increased from $𝟑 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 to $𝟔 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐨𝐧 within a year.

🟠 Looking for an expert Developer❓
🟠 Current team not delivering results❓
🟠 Worried about pricing or the hourly rates❓
🟠 Looking for help with Software Development for a new App❓
🟢 Look no further; let’s get on a call and let me solve your problem❕

👇𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐚 𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠👇

------------------------------------------------------- KEYWORDS -----------------------------------------------------

𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗔𝗽𝗽 𝗗𝗲𝘃 𝗗𝗮𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗮𝘀𝗲𝘀: SQLite, Realm Database, Azure Cosmos DB, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Firebase Realtime Databse

𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗔𝗽𝗽 𝗗𝗲𝘃 𝗗𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲𝘀: Hybrid App Development, Native App Development, AI Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iOS Development, Mobile App Development, Mobile App Development Consultation, Mobile App Redesign, Mobile App Testing, Payment Gateway Integration, software testing, apple watch application, ipad app development, Startup consulting

𝗔𝗽𝗽 𝗙𝗲𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲𝘀: In-App Purchases, User Authentication, User Profile Creation, Social Media Account Integration, Bluetooth, Chat & Messaging Software, In-App Searches, Location-Based Services, Map Integration, In-App Advertising, Payment Functionality, API Integration, Microphone, Motion Sensor, Push Notifications, API, system Administration, social media plugin, User Experience Design

𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗟𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘂𝗮𝗴𝗲𝘀: Java, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, Ruby, Python, CSS 3, HTML5, C, Elixir, Dart, GraphQL, Laravel, sirikit, AVkit, storekit, PushKit

𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗔𝗽𝗽 𝗗𝗲𝘃 𝗧𝗼𝗼𝗹𝘀: Ionic Framework, Firebase, Google Analytics, React Native, Xamarin, Angular, React, Amazon Web Services, Node.Js, Apple Xcode, Flutter, Android App Development, Android SDK, iOS Development, iOS SDK, OpenAI API, RESTful Architecture, User Interface, React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, AngularJS

𝗠𝗼𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝘀: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, iPadOS

𝗗𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗰𝗲𝘀: Smartphone, Tablet, Personal Computer

You can either hire someone who is cheap and doesn't know stuff and you do it with them; OR, hire someone who know what they are doing and get you results so you can focus on your business development and growth.

Steps for completing your project

After purchasing the project, send requirements so Subodh can start the project.

Delivery time starts when Subodh receives requirements from you.

Subodh works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Client shall be added to PM Tool

Client shall be added to PM Tool (ClickUp) so they can see the progress.

Review the work, release payment and leave feedback for Subodh.