You will get GPT-Based Desktop App: Audio Files Transcription & Translation, Dictation.

Leon H.
Leon H. Leon H.
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Buy Custom Desktop Apps services from Leon, priced and ready to go.

You will get GPT-Based Desktop App: Audio Files Transcription & Translation, Dictation.

Leon H.
Leon H. Leon H.
Top Rated

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1-Hr. Consultation on OpenAI Whisper API and other vendor API and functionality.

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1 day delivery — 19 Jul 2024
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Custom Desktop Apps services from Leon, priced and ready to go.

Project details

You will get a desktop application with the listed capabilities, such as Transcription & Translation of Audio and Video Files of different formats (MP3, MP4, WAV, etc), and additional listed features based on the project type. The project will include Installer developed with Advanced Installer, as. EXE or .MSI packages. You will receive the full source code after the project's completion. The Advanced version of the project will be completed in 3 weekly Milestones. Each Milestone is deliverable and will be paid upon the client's acceptance.

Additional features or functionalities will be incorporated as add-ins and will be based on mutually agreed prices and schedules, which could be an integral part of milestone deliveries.
Programming Languages
Operating System
Development Technology
Microsoft Excel, Winforms, WPF
Desktop App Expertise
App Design, Application Setup & Installation, Development, Software Debugging, Performance Optimization, Security, Localization, Application Review & Optimization
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Service tiers Starter
Delivery time 1 day 7 days 21 days
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Source Code
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Detailed Code Comments
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Arthur B.
9 Jun 2024
Create and integrate Outlook add-in Leon is phenomenal - the amount of technical expertise Leon brought to the table blew us away. His contributions to our very complex project have improved our bottom line and the product itself. As a business owner, I cannot recommend Leon enough. Truly winning the Upwork lottery when you work with Leon.


Reginald N.
28 May 2024
C++ quant developer consultation Leon was great. He has a wealth of knowlege in C++, C# and software development in general. He was able to explain the necessity of some difficult concepts in a way that was easy to understand. He is worth every penny for any project you can have him on.


William A.
23 May 2024
Word Plugin Developer Leon develops plugins for us to Microsoft products.


ziv Y.
12 May 2024
PRIVATE: AI / Text to Speech Dev/PM expert needed for an exciting project Very responsive. Smart and professional. Expert in C# and ASP.NET.
I hired Leon for multiple projects.


ziv Y.
12 May 2024
PRIVATE: AI / Text to Speech Dev/PM expert needed for an exciting project - Milestone II Very responsive. Smart and professional. Expert in C# and ASP.NET
Leon H.

About Leon

Leon H.
Experienced C#/C++/DevExpress/VSTO/AI-RAG/ChatGPT/TTS/STT
94% Job Success
4.9  (46 reviews)
San Diego, United States - 2:53 pm local time
25+ years in Software Development
Available for 40-60 hrs./wk. Excellent references from CEOs of the companies.
Bringing products to market: inception, spec, architecture, implementation, testing.
Seeking for software development projects in the following areas on Windows Platforms:
- Recent successful GPT-3/3.5/4 API experience with C#, DALL-E interface, and OpenAI Whisper.
- Experience of developing RAG Web Service enabling chatting with private corpus of documents, based on Azure Cognitive Search SDK, Azure OpenAI API and Azure Cosmos Vector DB for vector, hybrid, and semantic search. Segmenting Word/PDF/Excel/CSV/Text documents, embeddings, and ingestion.
- Worked with ML.NET in VSTO Outlook Add-In environment for email classification.
- Experience with Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text using AWS, Azure, Google, Eleven Labs, and other vendors. Experience with Google Voice Services, including Diarization (recognition of different speakers and designation in the transcript), and Medical Transcription. Able to produce STS (Speech-to-Speech) application - interacting with ChatGPT over microphone and speakers.
Recent Development Experience of TTS with OpenAI.
- AI Training of basic GPT models using fine-tuning, and embedding techniques with vector databases, such as Pinecone, Qdrant, and Milvus APIs.
- OpenAI Completion and Embeddings API, GPT-3/3.5/4, Whisper API for Transcribing and Translation
- Azure Semantic Kernel, Azure Data Explorer (ADX), Azure Blob Storage, Azure Analytical Services.
- AWS Text-To-Speech, AWS Storage
- Web Services: REST-API, ASP.NET Framework and Core, WCF Web Services, Microservices
- Azure Active Directory Authentication from Desktop Applications in C#
- Desktop applications with C#/.NET Framework/.NET Core, WinForms, WPF, DevExpress
- Microsoft Office VSTO/COM Add-Ins for Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
- Client/Server Systems: Sockets and high-level protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, MQTT
- Windows Services
- Microsoft Dynamics 365
- Hardware Interface: USB/RS232/RS485
Technologies and Frameworks:
- Languages: C#, C/C++, Python, MicroPython, XML, JSON
- Databases: SQL, SQLite, MySQL, Entity Framework 6/Core and LINQ.
- Networking: Sockets (.NET and Winsock), REST API, WCF, HTTP, FTP, MQTT, packet-level TCP/IP,
- Serial (RS232/RS485), MODBUS.
- IDE: Visual Studio 2010 through 2022
- Office Add-Ins: VSTO Add-ins for Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Add-In Express Framework.
- VOIP: PJ SIP Stack with DBUS, Asterisk, Open Phone Abstract Library (OPAL)
- Active Directory/LDAP/ADSI
- Monte Carlo Simulations in C#
- Linux: C/C++ and Python with MQTT Development on Ubuntu and Raspbian.
- AES256 Encryption, Monte-Carlo Simulations, SHA256, PGP/GnuPG PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
Application binaries signing (Authenticode), Security Certificate generation in code based on CA.
- Installers with Advanced Installer, Deployment strategies.
- Product Licensing

Steps for completing your project

After purchasing the project, send requirements so Leon can start the project.

Delivery time starts when Leon receives requirements from you.

Leon works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Project Requirements

The client sends requirements that are reviewed, discussed and agreed upon.

Project Implementation

Freelancer completes the project based on the agreed milestones and timelines and gets paid after the delivery of each milestone. The client is entitled to comment on the delivered milestone to request corrections.

Review the work, release payment and leave feedback for Leon.