You will get 20 Best Keywords and Content Ideas for Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Hieu T.
Hieu T.

Let a pro handle the details

Buy Content Strategy & Research services from Hieu, priced and ready to go.

You will get 20 Best Keywords and Content Ideas for Your Amazon Affiliate Website

Hieu T.
Hieu T.

What's included US$39

  • Delivery time 10 days
  • Number of Keywords/Hashtags Researched 20
  • Number of Competitors Researched 5
    • Action Plan
10 days delivery — 2 Aug 2024
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Content Strategy & Research services from Hieu, priced and ready to go.

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Are an Amazon Affiliate Blogger and getting frustrated with High Competition keywords?

To succeed, your website must use a well-researched Content Plan that drives QUALIFIED Organic Traffic and Sales.

I have helped many clients achieve their goals and you are next!

You Will Get:

★ Keyword Report of 20 Best Keywords (and Secondary Keywords)

★ Report on the User Search Intent for 20 Best Keywords.

★ 20 Article Topics & Relevant Titles.


Why Should You Place Your Order of SEO Content Plan With Me?

★ I have the proven track record for many Affiliate Marketing projects.



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Target Audience
Food & Beverage, Home & Garden
Platform Type
Personal Blog
What's included US$39 These options are included within the project scope.
  • Delivery time 10 days
  • Number of Keywords/Hashtags Researched 20
  • Number of Competitors Researched 5
    • Action Plan

Frequently asked questions

Hieu T.

About Hieu

Hieu T.
Keyword Researcher & Content Strategist | On-Page SEO & Link Builder
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 10:02 am local time

Are you investing in SEO and lacking a freelance SEO specialist who can help your website get steady growth of organic traffic and income?

I have had great success providing freelance SEO services for SME businesses (Small and Medium sizes).

✔️ I have helped 5 websites below boost their organic traffic:


- Organic traffic increased from 0 visitors/month up to 1,300 visitors/month after 5 months in the year 2020.


- I helped this website increase organic traffic after 2 months in the year 2020.


- Meeting 80% of the KPI of rankings of hundreds of keywords after 6 months in the year 2019.


- I helped this website increase the rankings of several main keywords from pages 8 - 9 on SERPs up to page 3 after 2 months in the year 2018.


- Rankings of main keywords increased from pages 4 - 5 on SERPs up to the top 1-3 from June 2017 to March 2018.

Whether you are a small business, an affiliate business owner, or a 6-figure organization, my SEO skills will leave you in awe!

Here are my freelance SEO services:

✔️ Google Stacking: I can make Google verify your business by building the Entity. I can build a Google Business Profile, a Social Network, a branded Web 2.0 network, Google Entities Stacking, and local citations. I can mark up data with JSON-LD schema for the Entity.

✔️Topical Authority: I can help your website become an authoritative source. I can do thorough topical research and keyword research, then design optimal website architecture.

✔️ E-E-A-T: I can help your business and website get trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. I can reach out to experts in your industry to get their names for the authorship of articles. I can reach out to customers to have them review your products/services. I can create a content plan using accurate information and citing trustworthy sources.

✔️ Keyword Research: I can find the best keywords that help your website rank fast and get a high ROI. I use the topic cluster technique, the keyword gap analysis technique, the modified keyword golden ratio technique, search intent analysis, and customer buying journey mapping.

✔️ Content Strategy: I can create a content plan that both users and Google would love.

➤ I can identify a good ratio between commercial content and informational content.

➤ I can build the content outline to help writers create helpful articles.

✔️ I can set a strong foundation for your website by doing technical SEO effectively.

➤ I can verify the GSC for your website. I can transform your website from http into https. I can redirect your website from www to non-www or vice versa. I can create an XML sitemap. I can create a robot.txt file. I can solve 5xx and 4xx errors.

➤ I can design an optimal website architecture. I can fix broken links. I can optimize page loading speed. I can set up a Content Delivery Network.

➤ I can handle duplicate content with canonical tags and meta robots.

✔️ On-Page SEO: My high-quality On-Page SEO service is to help your website get high rankings for search terms and more relevant traffic at a low cost.

➤ I can identify the search intent of a target keyword. I can get a webpage rank with a keyword cluster. I can help a webpage get a high CTR with a good meta title and meta description. I can optimize URL slug, H1 tag, and heading tags effectively.

➤ I can optimize keyword density for the target keyword and secondary keywords. I can optimize keyword variations, relevant phrases, and relevant entities. I can identify the optimal word count. I can solve the keyword cannibalization issue.

➤ I can create both a hard SILO structure and a soft SILO structure properly. I can build a good SILO internal linking structure. I can create trustworthy external links.

➤ I can write proper structured data for each webpage. I can optimize images and videos. I can optimize the user experience by formatting content, designing webpage elements, and creating appropriate calls to action. I can create featured snippets.

➤ I can design header, footer, home page, commercial page, informational page, author box, and related posts section.

✔️ Link Building: I can help your website get high relevance, high trustworthiness, and strong Pagerank:

➤ I use the competitors’ backlinks analysis technique to identify the most potential prospects. I can reach out to other websites to buy guest posts and link insertions at a good price.

➤ I can build and manage the PBN.

I provide regular updates to my clients. I commit to meeting deadlines and respect the team.

To find out more about my freelance SEO services, please feel free to contact me.

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Hieu Truong

Steps for completing your project

After purchasing the project, send requirements so Hieu can start the project.

Delivery time starts when Hieu receives requirements from you.

Hieu works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Step 1:

Please give me your Niche (Products) you are selling and your Key Competitors.

Step 2:

Please be clarified that you will get the SEO Content Plan that targets keywords with LESS backlinking efforts.

Review the work, release payment and leave feedback for Hieu.