You will get Amazon flat-files parent-child product listings with basic optimization

Ahsanur K.
Ahsanur K. Ahsanur K.
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You will get Amazon flat-files parent-child product listings with basic optimization

Ahsanur K.
Ahsanur K. Ahsanur K.
Top Rated

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Amazon flat-file bulk listing

Amazon flat-file listing for upto 10 SKUs, parent-child, per Amazon market

  • Delivery time 1 day
  • Number of Products 10
  • Number of Meta Tags/Keywords Optimized 2
  • Number of Words Per Description 100
    • Title Optimization
    • Image Background Removal
    • Meta Description

1 day delivery — 24 Jul 2024
Revisions may occur after this date.
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Product Listings services from Ahsanur, priced and ready to go.

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Amazon Flat File Variation Listings is the ultimate solution for efficiently managing your product variations on Amazon. With my easy-to-use project/gig, you can effortlessly create, update, and optimize your variation listings using flat file formats. Whether you have different colors, sizes, or other attributes, I streamline the process, saving you time and effort. Maximize your product visibility, improve customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition with our powerful variation listing management tools. Simplify your Amazon selling experience and unlock the full potential of your product variations with my Flat File Variation Listings gig.
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Service tiers Starter
Delivery time 1 day 1 day 2 days
Number of Products
Number of Meta Tags/Keywords Optimized
Number of Words Per Description
Title Optimization
Image Background Removal
Meta Description
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A+/EBC Content (+ 2 Days)

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Troy S.
19 Mar 2024
Experienced Project Manager Needed for Retail Operations Overhaul


Nori G.
19 Jan 2024
Amazon Marketplace Launch Specialist for VersaChalk


Nori G.
28 Nov 2023
Marketplace Account Specialist for Chalk Art Supplies Company Huge shoutout to Ahsan! His lightning-fast responses (literally within minutes!) were just the beginning. We faced tough technical hurdles for months, and he tackled them in less than a week. He's always ready to help our team. He's not just a problem-solver; he's a true expert in his field. If you need a mix of technical genius and great teamwork, Ahsan is the person you're looking for. We're glad to have been able to work with him and I'm confident he'll be the same for anyone lucky enough to work with him.


Nori G.
18 Oct 2023
Setup New Marketplace Store (Product Uploads & Store Setup) Ahsanur was great at the trial project - he worked to resolve the numerous issues we experienced when launching our products. We've created another contract to work with him for a longer period.


Alexander L.
20 Sept 2023
Amazon Product Upload
Ahsanur K.

About Ahsanur

Ahsanur K.
Amazon Account Manager, Flat File Listing Optimization, PL Launch, PPC
99% Job Success
4.7  (84 reviews)
Dhaka, Bangladesh - 9:17 am local time
I've been collaborating with various eCommerce sellers for several years now. Leveraging the experience gained from my engagements, I've earned the reputation of being a Professional Problem Solver. All of my Clients have commended me for my dedication and expertise.

🌟 Professional eCommerce Channels Expert 🌟
🌟 Professional Amazon FBM and FBA Expert 🌟
🌟 Professional Walmart Store Management Expert 🌟
🌟 Professional eBay Store Management Expert 🌟
🌟 Professional Etsy Store Management Expert 🌟
🌟 Professional Shopify Store Customization and Management 🌟

*** WHY CHOOSE ME? ***
🌟 10+ years of working experience in the eCommerce sector 🌟
🌟 24x7 availability over email, IM, phone call 🌟
🌟 Always deliver more than promised!" 🌟
🌟 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 🌟

✅✅✅ My Expertise in TikTok Shop Seller Center ✅✅✅
🌟Account creation and setup in TikTok Seller Center
🌟Integration of TikTok Shop with Amazon and Shopify
🌟Product upload in TikTok Shop Seller Center both single and variation
🌟Top selling tiktokable product research on TikTok shop
🌟Researching and reaching out to influencers on TikTok to promote products
🌟Collabrating with UGC content creators
🌟Advertising on TikTok Shop

✅✅✅ My Expertise in Amazon ✅✅✅
🌟 Amazon seller account setup
🌟 Amazon Single Listings Expert
🌟 Amazon Variation Listings Expert
🌟 Amazon Flat Files Expert
🌟 Amazon Bulk Upload Expert
🌟 Amazon FBA Expert
🌟 Amazon A+ content for both basic and premium A+ / EBC
🌟 Amazon Store Front Design
🌟 Amazon Vendor Central
🌟 Amazon Keywords Expert
🌟 Amazon Products Ranking Expert
🌟 Amazon Price Analysis Expert
🌟 Amazon Customer Services Expert
🌟 Amazon Order Processing Expert
🌟 Amazon Inventory Management Expert
🌟 Amazon Private Label/Dropshipping

✅✅✅ My Expertise in Walmart ✅✅✅
🌟 Walmart Single Listings Expert
🌟 Walmart Variation Listings Expert
🌟 Walmart Flat Files Expert
🌟 Walmart Bulk Upload Expert
🌟 Walmart WFS Expert
🌟 Walmart Vendor Central/ 360 Degree
🌟 Walmart Keywords Expert
🌟 Walmart Products Ranking Expert
🌟 Walmart Price Analysis Expert
🌟 Walmart Customer Services Expert
🌟 Walmart Order Processing Expert
🌟 Walmart Inventory Management Expert
🌟 Walmart Private Label/Dropshipping

✅✅✅ My Expertise in eBay ✅✅✅
🌟 eBay Store Management Expert
🌟 eBay Listing Template Expert
🌟 eBay Storefront Template Expert
🌟 eBay Banner Design Expert
🌟 Expert in Selling Manager Pro
🌟 Create a Listing on eBay Motor Expert
🌟 eBay Variations Listing with Multiple Variables Expert
🌟 Expert in eBay Inventory Expert
🌟 Create a Listing on Auctiva Expert
🌟 Create a Listing on Merchant Run Expert
🌟 Create a Listing on Turbo Lister Expert
🌟 Create a Listing on Ink-Frog Classic Expert
🌟 Create Listing on Ink-Frog Open Expert
🌟 eBay store SEO Expert
🌟 eBay Listings Optimization Expert
🌟 eBay Data entry

✅✅✅ My Expertise in Shopify ✅✅✅
🌟 Shopify Store Designing Expert
🌟 Shopify Store Development Expert
🌟 Shopify Store Management Expert
🌟 Shopify Apps Management Expert
🌟 Shopify Listings Uploading Expert
🌟 Shopify Bulk Updating Expert
🌟 Shopify Integration Expert
🌟 Shopify Optimization Expert
🌟 Shopify Drop Shipping Expert
🌟 Shopify Theme Customization

✅✅✅ My Expertise in eCommerce Channels ✅✅✅
🌟 eCommerce Themes Customization
🌟 WordPress Expert
🌟 WooCommerce
🌟 WordPress Website Designing
🌟 BigCommerce Expert
🌟 Various Seller Tools
🌟 Esty Expert
🌟 Sears Expert
🌟 Jet Expert
🌟 Aliexpress Expert
🌟 Bonanza Expert
🌟 Homedepot Expert
🌟 Target Expert
🌟 Poshmark Expert
🌟 CSV Files Expert
🌟 Wayfair
🌟 WordPress Theme Customization Expert
🌟 Oberlo Expert
🌟 Photoshop Expert
🌟 Logo Design Expert
🌟 Facebook Store Expert

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Delivery time starts when Ahsanur receives requirements from you.

Ahsanur works on your project following the steps below.

Revisions may occur after the delivery date.

Downlaod flat file

Create feed file with the products information

Review the work, release payment and leave feedback for Ahsanur.