You will get help remove and respond to negative reviews.

Gaji Sumon H.
Gaji Sumon H.

Let a pro handle the details

Buy Other Public Relations services from Gaji Sumon, priced and ready to go.

You will get help remove and respond to negative reviews.

Gaji Sumon H.
Gaji Sumon H.

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Remove Negative Reviews

Remove fake or bad Google reviews fast. Guaranteed Removal.

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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Other Public Relations services from Gaji Sumon, priced and ready to go.

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Your business may be getting illegitimate reviews and false reviews from competitors, ex-employees or others. Don’t worry if you have a lot of 1-star fake reviews, complaints and negative search results for your business! Take action now and we can help your business reputation and give you back control of what people see when they Google you!

We offer a service to remove reviews that violate a site’s terms of service. Terms of service are quite complex, and many user reviews do violate some terms. We argue on your behalf with the sites themselves to have negative reviews removed so they no longer affect your overall rating, and cannot be seen by prospective customers.

Need to remove bad reviews? We can help! We guarantee our results. By that, we mean that you don't pay until and unless the review is entirely removed. Quickly remove negative Google reviews that hurt your online reputation. Only pay once reviews are removed.
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Gaji Sumon H.

About Gaji Sumon

Gaji Sumon H.
Reputation Management, LSA, ORM, Content Removal Expert
82% Job Success
Khulna, Bangladesh - 2:18 am local time
I am an expert in ORM and Creative Local SEO. I founded Specialist Consulting to specifically advise and guide specialists on Local business development and strategies. A professional Business Consultant, Educator, and Facilitator with an established industry reputation, I have wide-ranging expertise in designing and delivering consulting services to the Medical, Lawyers, Doctors, Hotel, and Home Services based business industry.

My mission is simple: To improve Your online and offline image. My goal is to help My clients look their best in the search result and build a reputation via effective digital marketing and PR strategy.

✅ I specialize in, but are not limited to:
►Local SEO
►Paid Marketing
►Complaint Management
►Google Local Services Ads
►Online Reputation Management
►Online Reviews Management
►Google Business Profile Optimization
►Social Media Monitoring & Marketing
►Warm-up Email/Domain/IP address
►Email/Domain/IP blacklist removal
►Remove Bad Reviews & Email Deliverability
►Cleaning up and protecting Online Reputation
►Auto-suggest Marketing & WordPress Management

►Reputation Repair/Management:-
I offer a service to remove reviews & content that violate a site’s terms of service. If you have been a victim of cyberbullying, online abuse, online defamation, false business reviews, or anything published online that is causing you damage, speak with me about a tested solution. also, I can help you Remove Pirated Copies of your product, themes/plugins, Games, Impersonating Accounts, Music/ Movies/Shows, software/Apps, Artwork, E book, and others.

►Types of content removed:-
Removing negative reviews, search results, image results, pirated content, intellectual property infringement, copyright infringement, Fake Social Media Accounts, channel, Groups, Pages and Content, images and videos, reviews, image-based abuse, false & defamatory reviews, misleading and deceptive reviews, Hate speech and personal information, etc.

►Who Should Use my Reputation Repair Services?
In some cases, motivated individuals create Facebook Pages, Groups, Accounts, false & defamatory reviews, Youtube Videos, channel, Instagram Content, Accounts, Google My Business listing to spread false and highly damaging content about a person or business. Where the content is harmful and factually inaccurate, clients engage with me to assist them to remove online content. I frequently engaged to delete pages/Accounts/ Reviews/Content and/or remove pages from Social Media.

✅Local Listing Management and SEO:-
Local search marketing, Yelp & Google Business Profile Optimization, Business Directory Listings, Images & Videos Optimization, Guest Posting, Link Building, keyword research, Inbound marketing.

✅Social Media Marketing & Optimization:-
►Advanced YouTube SEO
►Reddit and Quora Marketing
►Advanced Twitter Marketing
►Advanced Instagram Marketing
►LinkedIn Marketing & Management
► Advanced Facebook Marketing

When my clients win, I feel like I win. My main goal is to help to solve any work and to Get instant assistance with your daily tasks.


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content removal

We automated routine tasks but retained a personal approach to the remapping itself. To rid you of negativity as soon as possible, we develop 2-3 strategies. Schemes of action depend on the specific situation.

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