You will get to know if your company is eligible for a Wikipedia page or not yet

Wajdi B.
Wajdi B.

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You will get to know if your company is eligible for a Wikipedia page or not yet

Wajdi B.
Wajdi B.

What's included US$100

Standard Notability Assessment

You will know whether your company is eligible for a Wikipedia page or not yet.

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3 days delivery — 22 Jun 2024
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Let a pro handle the details

Buy Other Public Relations services from Wajdi, priced and ready to go.

Project details

You will get a "notability assessment" report stating whether or not (before trying to publish one, get rejected, and possibly ruin your future chances of getting your company a page) your company is deemed notable per Wikipedia's guidelines and rules for notability.

If your firm is deemed notable then: the report will include a section that advises your team about the best publishing approach.

If it is not notable yet then: the report will include a section stating why so,? And what your team needs to prepare to be notable in the future.
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  • Delivery time 3 days
    • Recap Report
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Wajdi B.

About Wajdi

Wajdi B.
Expert Wikipedia Editor and Consultant with a Decade of Experience
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Menzel Jemil, Tunisia - 3:45 pm local time

With over a decade of experience as a freelance Wikipedia editor and consultant, Ben A. Wajdi stands as an accomplished expert in the realm of Wikipedia editing and notability assessment. A polyglot proficient in English, French, and Arabic, Wajdi has diligently served clients across various linguistic domains, assisting them in navigating the intricate landscape of Wikipedia.

As a trusted consultant, he offers a wide array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations. One of his key offerings is the provision of comprehensive notability analysis reports, which enable clients to determine their eligibility for an English Wikipedia article. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of Wikipedia's notability guidelines, Wajdi meticulously examines clients' backgrounds, accomplishments, and affiliations, employing an objective lens to ascertain their potential for inclusion on the esteemed platform.

Furthermore, Wajdi excels in crafting, editing, and publishing articles on the English Wikipedia, ensuring that the content adheres to the platform's rigorous standards. His proficiency in producing well-researched, well-written articles serves as a testament to their deep knowledge of Wikipedia's content policies and guidelines, as well as his commitment to maintaining the platform's integrity and reliability.

In addition to their expertise in article creation, Wajdi provides invaluable services such as payment tag removal and annoying notability tag removal. These services address issues that may hinder the smooth progression of articles, eliminating unnecessary obstacles and enhancing the overall quality of clients' Wikipedia presence. Moreover, he offers thorough English Wikipedia articles cleanup, effectively revitalizing and refining existing articles to align with the platform's evolving standards.

Recognizing the significance of accurate and fair representation, Ben A. Wajdi extends his expertise to the realm of deletion nomination services. With a keen eye for identifying content that does not meet Wikipedia's notability requirements, he assists clients in initiating deletion nominations, ensuring that the platform maintains its high standards and integrity.

Beyond their comprehensive services, Wajdi actively participates in the electoral processes of the English Wikipedia. By casting informed votes, he contribute to shaping the community and guiding the platform's governance, upholding the principles of inclusivity, accountability, and transparency.

In essence, Wajdi's profile, here on Upwork, as a Wikipedia expert and consultant epitomizes his deep-rooted passion for knowledge curation and his unwavering commitment to the principles that underpin the Wikipedia community. His extensive experience in editing and consulting, combined with his profound understanding of Wikipedia's notability requirements, positions him as a trusted partner for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate the intricacies of Wikipedia with confidence and success.

Ben Wajdi's reputation as a reliable, thorough, and highly skilled professional is underscored by his proficiency in multiple languages, his dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Wikipedia policies, and his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to his clients. With Ben A. Wajdi as your Wikipedia expert and consultant, you can be confident in receiving the highest quality of assistance and guidance, ensuring your successful presence on one of the world's most influential knowledge platforms.

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