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Vector Tracing FAQ

What is vector tracing?

Vector tracing is a process that involves uploading an original image onto vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator, and then essentially outlining the image to produce a vector version of it. By converting an image into its parts, this process produces a vectorized sketch.

How do I vectorize an image?

Vectorizing an image entails converting color pixel data into simple geometric objects, lines, or shapes. By converting color pixels into simple geometric shapes or lines, the image becomes fully scalable to any size without losing image quality. No matter how much the image is scaled or zoomed in on, the edges and shapes will remain clear and smooth. Vector images are notably easier to screen-print than bitmap and raster images, though these image types have their own benefits.

How do you know if an image is a vector?

You will know that an image is a vector when you scale the image up to several times its size and then zoom in on the image substantially. When you do this with a bitmap or raster, the image will become pixelated around the edges and lines. Conversely, a vector will not lose its smooth edges or shapes, become pixelated, or lose image quality.

How do I find the right vector tracing services?

When you’re looking for vector tracing services, it’s important to review the artist’s portfolio and ask about what types of vectors they prefer to work with. Some artists prefer to work with logos, while others prefer to work with other elements, such as screen-printing graphics. Regardless of your vector tracing needs, freelancers can provide high-quality services that suit your needs.

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