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Hire the best talent and agencies on Upwork every time by looking for the Expert-Vetted badge.

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When you select Expert-Vetted Talent, you can be confident that your choices are the very best of the world’s work marketplace. Our Talent Managers qualify each candidate based on technical abilities and the soft skills that can make good team members, such as communication, reliability and emotional intelligence.

How talent is Expert-Vetted

Identify & qualify top candidates

We target the highest-quality talent on the world’s work marketplace.

Screen by field-specific experts

Talent Managers focus on details of the skill area and consider reviews of past performance.

& badge

Talent and agencies that have passed the process receive Expert-Vetted badges on their profiles.

Meet some of our Expert-Vetted Talent

Ross J. Headshot

“Expert-Vetted has allowed me to network with a lot more of the Upwork team, which has helped our efficiency, it’s helped us understand tools more, understand processes and how we can improve.”

Ross J.
Digital Marketer, United Kingdom
Yunche Wilson HEadshot

“Upwork has allowed to me reach the type of clients who are ready for an executive level freelancer. They help eliminate the barrier to entry I would typically have with new clients and my expert-vetted status accelerates the trust my client has in me and the results I can deliver. My client knows they are getting someone who is results-driven and focused on helping them solve problems.”

Yunche Wilson
Fractional CMO, Houston, United States
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