Protect Data with Upwork

Listen to legal experts at Upwork and at ZwillGen as they discuss how to manage the balance between top global talent and keeping your data secure.

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On-demand webinar: Secure your data and work with freelancers

Want to work with remote talent, but concerned about sharing sensitive data and remaining compliant with your organization’s data policies? Our clients work with hundreds of freelancers every day to deliver projects that include analyzing well-guarded transactional data to testing proprietary code.

Data security measures need to increase in sophistication and enforcement as more and more clients rely on remote and distributed talent. Listen to our legal experts, Crystal Tajalle, Upwork’s senior compliance counsel, and Jason Wool, ZwillGen’s counsel specializing in cyber security, as they discuss:

  • How Upwork secures its data when working with remote talent and teams
  • Features for data security and access controls
  • Tips for safeguarding your data when engaging freelancers

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