The Quarterly Skills Index

Listen as Rich Pearson, SVP of Marketing at Upwork, dives deeper into the newest quarterly index of hot skills in the U.S. freelance job market.

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Webinar: 12 Days of Skillsets

Listen to Upwork’s SVP of Marketing, Rich Pearson and featured freelancers as they discuss this quarter’s Skills Index, which ranks the site’s 20 fastest-growing skills. This webinar is part of a new quarterly series that sheds light on new and emerging skills in the freelance job market.

Watching the webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about the 12 fastest-growing skills, including:
    • Bitcoin and Blockchain
    • Augmented Reality
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Discover how customers are leveraging talent with these skills on Upwork to enhance projects.
  • Hear from freelancers about how they’ve developed their skills, and how they work with clients like you to bring projects to life.

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