Nikola Novakovic

Nikola Novakovic

$25.00  /hr

Expert Affiliate Manager and Consultant, Adwords Manager

Belgrade, Serbia
Affiliate Marketing Google AdWords Facebook Marketing Pay per click Google Analytics


If you look at Feedback I received you will see that I don' get less than 4-5 stars often yet my profile shows 3.3 stars - that is due to oDesk weighted scoring method and due to a fact that I had received an unfair Feedback from a women from London that was outsourcing me to her Adwords clients from whom she was taking more than 5 times more per hour than what she was paying me. I worked 4 months for her and earned $3800 but on the end she gave me <3 stars (2.4) which is lowest score I have ever received. So I am asking you, if I was

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