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Backend Engineer

Posted last month

Job Responsibilities

* Full stack development of exciting new features and improvements across multiple sites
* Assisting in larger team projects through more focused backend development
* Utilizing test procedures, test environments, and consistency conventions
* Ensuring all forward-facing projects are cross-browser compatible and mobile friendly
* Maintaining system security and integrity through best practices
* Providing information support for the administration team as needed
* Participating in team efforts toward efficient and successful project planning including weekly virtual team meetings

Job Requirements
* 5+ Years Experience in backend or full stack development
* Knowledge in ColdFusion (2018 or newer), Python, PHP, CFC, Javascript, SQL, MySSQL, Database Design, Server Management
* Experience in front end user interface development,
* Knowledgeable in APls, both SOAP and REST
* Knowledgeable in Windows server management
* Strong problem solving skills
* Forward thinking in all development
* Strong time management skills
* Self-starter
* Detail oriented

Projects You will Own or Assist in During Contract/Temp employment (but not limited to)
* Complete rebuild of our custom backend. This site is used by our staff for looking up clients, orders, reporting, accounting tasks, and a range of other options. This project will also include the restructuring of our database foundation.
* Expanding our shopping cart to a persistent cart, allowing multiple products and add-ons to be purchased at the same time, along with the new subsequent processing of those orders through to completion of both fulfillment

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