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Build a RAG chatbot using LLM and integrate it with a full stack platform

Posted last month

We're seeking an AI developer to contribute to the development of a platform for custom chatbot creation.

Scope of Work:
We need a dedicated individual to build a RAG Chatbot capable of analyzing various file types, including PDFs, text, and Word documents. The chatbot should utilize LLM models OpenAI, llama2, Mistral, to provide accurate and rapid responses to users. Additionally, the chatbot must store relevant data in a vector database and maintain context from chat history. Automation of the process is crucial to streamline the creation of new chatbots.  The aim is to build the backend (only AI-relevant backend work is in the scope of work of this project, not the entire backend of the platform) for a platform that provides custom chatbot-building services. This is a solved problem and you may find many relevant support available from open source and official documentation.
If you're interested in taking on this project and helping us develop, we will be happy to hear from you.

We have data available in PDFs format - Research papers, books, QnA print outputs

Please reach out to us for the detailed Scope of Work document.

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