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Hiring Voice Actor for AI Software Voice Cloning

Posted 2 months ago
Needs to hire 4 Freelancers

Seeking Voice Actor for AI Conversation Bot Voice Cloning Project

We're in search of a voice to clone for our AI conversation bot. Below are the key attributes we're seeking in the voice over:

Conversational Tone: Imagine chatting with a close friend; we want the voice to sound natural and easy-going.
Authenticity: We're interested in your genuine, everyday voice rather than a polished, commercial style.

In terms of scripting, they don't need to follow a specific storyline or make complete sense; instead, focus on delivering them in a way that captures a natural tone, accent, and flow. The more natural and authentic the delivery, the better the outcome.

Looking forward to hearing from talented voice actors who can bring our AI conversation bot to life with their voices!"

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