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Invalid Clicks Experience on Google Search Ads, High Competitive Sector

Posted last month

We are doing Google Search Ads and getting minimum %50 invalid clicks each day, sometimes more than %80 invalid clicks. If you have experience in managing Google Search Ads in highly competitive industry, (CPCs like $50 around) with Invalid clicks, fake clicks and bots.

What we are not interested in:
- Google Ads manual review
- 3rd Party Click Fraud Tools (Not helping)
- Audience targeting changes only (Of course, we did it)

What we are interested in:
- A person who worked before with a highly invalid clicks rate campaigns and get conversions/leads with Zero account and Zero conversion data on new starter search ads campaign.

If you know details and how to get daily clicks when Invalid click system working correctly. Feel free to write us and we can meet on Zoom.

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Member since Sep 29, 2020

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