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OpenWrt Expert Needed to Adapt Vilfo OS for Custom Hardware and Enable 2.5GbE NIC Support

Posted last month

Job Title:
OpenWrt Expert Needed to Adapt Vilfo OS for Custom Hardware and Enable 2.5GbE NIC Support

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced OpenWrt developer with expertise in networking and firmware customization. The project involves adapting Vilfo OS to run on a custom router/computer, specifically the Protectli VP4670, which features 2.5GbE NICs. Preliminary information suggests that Vilfo OS may not currently support these NICs. The objective is to confirm compatibility and implement necessary modifications to ensure that Vilfo OS operates efficiently on our hardware.

- Assess the compatibility of Vilfo OS with Protectli VP4670 hardware, with a focus on ensuring full functionality of 2.5GbE NICs.
- Modify existing firmware or develop required drivers to enable all hardware components under Vilfo OS.
- Maintain or enhance network performance and security functionalities.
- Document modifications for future reference and maintenance purposes.

- Extensive experience in OpenWrt firmware development and customization.
- Proficiency in networking, particularly with 2.5GbE NICs.
- Capability to adjust existing firmware or create necessary drivers.
- Strong problem-solving abilities and meticulous attention to detail.
- Effective communication skills for regular project updates and documentation.

Additional Scope:
Given that Vilfo OS has not been updated since 2022, and considering that Vilfo regularly updates the firmware on their standard routers, we recognize the need to ensure our custom hardware operates with the most recent features and bug fixes. To achieve this, it's essential to access the latest firmware version, which I can export following your instructions. The project will involve working with this exported firmware to ensure our custom Vilfo OS includes all the latest updates and enhancements. This approach is critical for maintaining feature parity and ensuring optimal performance and security on our custom hardware.

See attached specification. I need Vilfo/OpenWRT to be modified to work with this specification.

Vilfo OS Dropbox:
(link removed)

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