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Quick Website Workflow for Signing Agreement & Recording Backing Vocals for a song

Posted 2 months ago


We're looking for a very simple web development task to be done in very quick time window. We manage a band and we would like to create a web workflow that leverages fan pre-saves (when a fan pre-saves a song, high presave metrics are one of the key metrics that Digital Streaming Platforms like Apple Music and Spotify look at when determining who to support). We have this song we want to use as the lead single. There is a bridge in the song where the lead vocalist sings" bum bum bum bum bum" and it's basically a part created to engage listeners in a way that encourages them to sing along. We want to do a sort of sweepstakes where we advertise that fans can have their vocals on their favorite bands song. Essentially the fans will follow the pre-save link and upon completion of a successful pre-save they will be redirected to a website. THIS IS THE WEBSITE WE'LL BE CONSTRUCTING.

1.  The home page will be running a yes/no prompting the user if they'd like to participate in the giveaway
- IF YES, the user will be prompted with an agreement to review and sign
- IF NO, we just thank the fan for pre-saving the song
2. When the user agrees to be in the contest and agrees that we can use their vocals for free, we give them two opportunities to record themselves over the bridge
3. They can either upload their first attempt or use their 1 redo to record again. Both of their audio attempts will store on a server that we can access later and pull the audio files.

The goal is that right before release of the song we can swap out the placeholder audio of the release with the same song but with the lucky fans contributing to the bridge's vocals. This will also allow us to get a bunch of pre-saves prior to release and get necessary support from DSPs.

Please message me with any questions about the project, and we need this turned around pretty fast as we know it is a simple request and the band leaves for tour in a week. Looking forward to discussing more

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