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Receptionist 2PM EST- 8PM EST

Posted 3 months ago

For two weeks, we pay you $3 per hour while we train you to become become a receptionist  in our office.  You must have an excellent sounding voice.  When you are not answering calls you will be providing assistance in our affiliate marketing efforts, sending emails. You will be doing the work on a Zoom call with you camera and microphone on during the entire shift.  You may be alone for the last two hours.

Be humble.  Put $3 hourly rate to apply to this position.  After two weeks you name your price.
You must be able to type in English 60 words per minute.

Join our marketing team. We are looking for a thoughtful and kind person who can manage relationships with the people that give us cases. This means getting to know other people. Learning about their lives. Sending them thoughtful emails on their birthday and on other holidays.

PC required. No Apple Computers, sorry.

You will gain access to an incredible hands on training by people you will admire.

At the end of the two week training, you present to the director what did you learn from the training materials, what parts of the work excite you, what problems you want to solve, and how much you want to be paid.  You tell us your hourly rate. Grow with us! Our team is is made up of people who are constantly learning and developing their skills. Expect frequent raises!

CAN YOU WRITE 60+ WPM? Send us a photo of your test score using Your application is not complete until you send this screenshot.

Is your internet good enough to support video calls on Zoom?  Can you speak, read and write fluent English? Can you work with electronic documents? Do you have a really good attention to detail?  Do you get a good night's sleep almost every night? (PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT HOW TO SLEEP PROPERLY.) Do you have good values and a strong work ethic?  Do you want to recognized for your hard work?  Do you want to work from home?
If you said YES to all the above, consider applying!

VALENTINO LAW PLLC is seeking GREAT people to join its team. We ONLY hire GREAT PEOPLE. Give great answers in your interview.

Please do not apply if you intend to numb your mind with drugs and booze.  Engage yourself and feel good naturally.  Commit to be a better YOU today.  We will lead you.  Your family will be proud.

Get your creations named after you!  Your name will appear as the creator of any process or system you create.   We do it all the time here.  Examples include: the "GA" virtual system, named after Gabriela Arevalo;  the "Menta" library, named after Gabriela's dog; the Morales Hourly Report, named after Johanna Morales; the "Domo" staff handbook, named after Johanna's cat; and, last but not least, the hilariously named "Lazy" Schedule, named after Johanna's dog.

We will train you for two weeks. You will be empowered to ask for a raise using PowerPoint.  You will learn how to become an effective legal assistant or whatever position you create for yourself.  We work together to get results better than other law firms.  Be a part of a team that helps deliver cutting edge results for a $$BILLION$$ dollar client.  Work hard.  Earn more money quickly!  You can provide for your family if you join this team and do great work.  Great workers get PAID MORE!  Ask about opportunities to move to the United States.  

Daily work requirements: wear a white (or light colored) collared button blouse/shirt (with a collar) (not a polo), wear hair back in a bun or pony tail, appear via Zoom.

Language Requirement:  Please DO NOT APPLY if you cannot read and write ENGLISH fluently.

Spanish/English Fluent Applicants: make sure to mention that you also speak and write fluent Spanish to earn special consideration.  Spanish is not required but a definite PLUS.  

(1) Your typing score of 60+ words per minute.
(2) You voice recording of you speaking English (Spanish Optional, not required)

1. TYPING SCORE Instructions
Please submit a screenshot of your typing score of 60+ WPM.
Do the one minute English test.
(link removed)

2. VOICE RECORDING Instructions
a. Record your voice using this site: (link removed)/
b. Let us hear how well you read out loud.
c. Try reading the passage with a smile (your voice will sound better)
d. The goal is for you to have a great sounding recording where you are a delight to listen to.

An elephant slept in his bunk,
And in slumber his chest rose and sunk.
But he snored—how he snored!
All the other beasts ROARED,
So his wife tied a KNOT in his trunk.

READING PASSAGE SPANISH (Optional for Bilingual Applicants)
Cultivo una rosa blanca
en junio como enero
para el amigo sincero
que me da su mano franca.
Y para el cruel que me arranca
el corazón con que vivo,
cardo ni ortiga cultivo;
cultivo la rosa blanca.

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