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Web portal to monitor new depoyments on the ethereum blockchain

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We are seeking a skilled Web3 developer to create a simple gated web system that monitors all deployments on the Ethereum network. This system will serve as a comprehensive portal for tracking contract deployments (not launches), providing essential data and interaction capabilities for users.

Key Features:

Gated Access:
Users must log in to access the system; there is no signup function.
Each user can be logged in from only one device at a time.
Automatic logout after a set period of inactivity, configurable by the admin.

Admin Panel:
Admin privileges include creating, editing, and deleting user accounts.
Monitoring user login activity, including timestamps and duration of online sessions.
View a detailed breakdown of the time each user has been active daily
View user interactions such as liked/disliked tokens and comments, with timestamps.

Deployment Monitoring:
Display all deployments on the portal as soon as they occur.
Each deployment represented by a row showing contract name, address, and deployment time.
Like and dislike (thumbs) options for each deployment.
Comment section for users to provide feedback on deployments, showing usernames and timestamps.
Search Functionality:
Ability to search contracts by their address, name, or comments.

Technical Requirements:

Proficiency in Web3 development and Ethereum network integration.
Experience with gated web systems and user authentication mechanisms.
Strong understanding of Ethereum smart contracts and deployment tracking.
Familiarity with frontend technologies for building responsive and intuitive user interfaces.

Fully functional gated web system with admin panel and user authentication.
Real-time monitoring of Ethereum network deployments.
Intuitive UI for easy navigation and interaction.
Search functionality for contracts.
Detailed documentation covering setup, usage, and maintenance instructions.
Additional Notes:

Applicants should demonstrate previous experience with similar projects and provide relevant portfolio samples.
Clear communication and timely updates throughout the development process are essential.
If you have the skills and expertise to deliver this project, we invite you to submit your proposal detailing your approach, timeline, and cost estimates. We look forward to collaborating with a talented Web3 developer to bring this project to fruition.

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