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Business Automation | Dashboard | CRM | Data Visualization Since 2010: Excel VBA Google Sheets Google Apps Script My name is Andrii – professional Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets Developer, PC Automation Expert, Project Manager and Process Architect. I am a big fan of automation and number one enemy for any routine process. If I have to do anything twice on my PC - it gets automated. I have been creating custom automation tools and solutions since 2010. Spreadsheets had become my lifestyle when I started working with the data. They gave me the ability to quickly process the information, make a useful analysis based on it, automate the whole processes. Every sphere and activity of my life has its separate Excel or Google Sheets projects. It allows me to get more value from the data, organize the thinking, make data-driven decisions and relieve my life from the routine. What is most important, it supplies me with the Time - the most valuable resource. I don't waste it. I used to work in big international companies like Philip Morris and Samsung. Due to my skills and enthusiasm, in both companies I was known as local Excel Guru - I have created numerous business tools for most company departments. My automation allowed to substitute the work of many people, the long time-consuming tasks have turned into few seconds for reliable scripts, and even the whole processes have been automated. My contribution to each project is not limited to automation development. I am a master of analyzing and optimizing the processes, finding the most effective approaches, asking the right questions and sharing my recommendations. Besides the Spreadsheets Development, I am good and experienced in process management and optimization: + IT Project Manager of ThinkWider App (application for submitting ideas and their full processing from reviewing and discussing till implementation and rewarding). + Manager and Developer of IShare Educational Platform (educational platform with training materials and live training for employees). + Trainer of advanced Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, general MS Office courses ++ I am active top rated Excel & Google Sheets Expert and Mentor for other experts. I daily solve around ten different cases of automation, which is used by the sales staff, managers, HRs, investment agents and others. Sometimes it seems that I worked with people from every possible sphere, I even helped the employees from the United Nations. My other advantages are: * strong financial background * solid education (2x Master Degree, 2x Bachelor Degree, Erasmus+ Student, winner of Finance and Economics student competitions, many publications) * advanced English (IELTS academic certificate, Degree in English Translation & Philology, experience living and working abroad) * deep engagement into modern IT technologies * passion towards analyzing, optimizing and automatizing * well-developed creativity - I find the best solutions and design the appealing Sheets Excel VBA | Google Sheets & Google Apps Script: I know the advantages of both platforms and use them accordingly, I have created complicated business solutions of the highest quality and reliability standards: * automated daily/weekly/monthly report creation, data analysis * processing of non-standardised datasets/user inputs * creation of nice and informative dashboards, manager panels, controlling tools * advanced dashboards with any custom features (the possibility to update the data from the web, make quick changes to the DB with few clicks, auto backup, etc.) * schedulers (with warnings, alarms, emails, reports), financial trackers, planners, etc. * financial, business, analytical, fitness and other types of calculators * many other projects released within Excel + VBA (tracking working hours, image resizers, sending emails, creating alarms on certain conditions, bar and QR code generators, etc.), integration with other MS Office products * huge experience of commercial freelance development for Google Sheets platform, including advanced Scripting, integration with Google Forms, Google Drive, data connections, integration with other services Any PC Automation: I can automate custom PC workflows in any application that you use. I use the script languages, combining them with Excel which acts as a database or performs the backend logic calculations, in case of complicated tasks which require some advanced analysis. For example, I have created the "In-game bot for mmorpg" project using these methods. I worked with simulating user behaviors, supervising the workflows, reacting on triggers, etc. As I said before, everything is automated in my life. =StartContract(analysis, optimization, automation)=True If you are looking for the highest value and want to share the advantage of my approach, I am ready for the new opportunities. I am sure that your life will change and we will form the beneficial long-term relationships. Excel, VBA, Google Sheets, Google Apps Script

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