Csongor H.
Sfantu GheorgheRomania
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Startup Design Partner - Product, UI/UX, Brand, Art Direction, Growth

"Cso is as close to a unicorn designer as you are going to find: strategic thinking, business and tech savvy, great design skills. A great partner for high-value work; I would not hesitate to give Cso highest recommendations and to work with him again." Alex M. "Cso is hands down, one of the best holistic and entrepreneurial designers and problem solvers I know. It does not matter if it's about brand creation, logo design, process design, UX improvement, workshops, digital design, or hoodies, you name it!” - Sascha G. --------------------------------------------- Hi I'm Cso [ pronounced cho ], I'm a Hungarian / nomadic designer, currently living in Lisbon. I’ve studied marketing, started my career in branding then spent over a decade designing and building products. I’ve also built a few of my businesses, so I have solid experience in all steps of making a product including ideating, iterating, raising funds, building, launching, and marketing it. That means I can help you sharpen your product vision, clarify your goals, see the big picture, help think through the process and execute down to the very last detail. --------------------------------------------- STARTUPS I work best when co-creating directly with founders, and due to my vast experience I can get all your design problems taken care of, fast. No communication overhead between a team of specialists, only pure, lightning speed execution. Most common challenges I helped with: - using design thinking to navigate and solve a wide variety of challenges - making the right first steps, including branding, prototyping, feature prioritization - finding ways to simplify the product and the creation process to ship as fast as possible, there really is no substitute for that SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE BUSINESSES I can help you tackle the product side of scaling and growth, including: - Upgrading your design processes & team, make your “machine” run smoother - Learnings from startups - how stay nimble with faster product design feedback loops - Design thinking workshops for solving often cross-team complex problems - Refresh the experience you offer to your customers - Elevate your brand and clarify your strategy --------------------------------------------- INDUSTRIES OF INTEREST: Throughout the years I’ve found that the greatest projects are made by teams of people who have similar interests so I’ve listed below the main areas I’d like to contribute to. Education I think this is one of the most important things we can dedicate our lives to. If you are working in education, chances are I can help you in some way, even if I’m overbooked, don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll try to help with some advice at least. Science & Technology I’m a science and tech enthusiast, I try to use the scientific method as much as I can for decision making, and I think technology well harnessed can help us advance both individually and on a macro scale. If you’re working on innovative projects, new technologies or doing any type of research, I’d love to hear about it. Play Everything worthwhile we do can be and should be engaging and fun. The easiest and best way to learn is through play. I believe this effortlessness should be translated to all important fields. I’ve studied game design and applied game design concepts to create better experiences. People Lastly, but the most important aspect - I’m interested in working with companies who know they need to understand their customers and try to make their lives better in order to succeed in the long run. I’m here to help people who in turn help other people. If some of this caught your attention, let me know, I’d love to hear about your project, and even if I’m overbooked, I would at least try to point you in the right direction. I look forward to hearing from you, Cso

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  • User-Centered Design
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Business with 10-99 Employees
  • Branding

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Get started working with Csongor quickly with these predefined projects.

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