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Steve D.


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I love telling stories. As an art form, the story is often relegated to creative endeavors. And for good reason since that is where storytelling shines. We look to novelists, essayists, playwrights, and poets to find something that inspires us. We look to them to understand our own experiences and to be brought into the lives of others, broadening our understandings of one another. Storytellers help us to be human. As humans, storytelling infuses everything we do. No matter where we are or what we are doing, we are telling stories. Some excel at this and others struggle, but that doesn’t change the fact that humans need to tell stories to communicate well. Facts alone aren’t enough to inspire, encourage, or persuade. Science is full of realities and evidence, but most people don’t care about those truths until a scientist like Michio Kaku or Neil deGrasse Tyson tells a story that helps us to experience those factual discoveries. Nonprofits, organizations, and other businesses often struggle similarly to tell their story, relying on facts alone to inspire. This leaves potential customers and members feeling disassociated from an organization’s mission because they either don’t know the vision or don’t care. And it’s hard to drive engagement if a customer doesn’t care. My experience as a Communications Director for a nonprofit church and as a Communications Manager for a high-level academic program has taught me the necessity of clear communication and storytelling. The key in communications is to focus on the purpose, vision, and goals of an organization and then craft a compelling picture to get people to join in the mission. My experience as a writer and editor helps to paint that picture persuasively. My experience in leadership and public speaking means I can lead a team towards a shared vision. I have helped lead a nonprofit church, managed staff, and inspired members. I have also been the voice of the church, speaking to crowds and inspiring them to align with our vision and engage with our goals. In summary, I have a diverse work history that has helped me to become a compelling storyteller, leader, and communicator for nonprofits, organizations, and businesses. I can confidently inhabit any role, whether it be a team member or a part of leadership. My storytelling can be done in writing and on the stage, in digital format or physical format. And I can relate with people, helping individuals to understand any vision or mission and to meet organizational goals. Let’s connect here to see how we can partner to tell your story.
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5.00 Sep 1, 2022 - Jan 6, 2023

"Good communication, excellent work."

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Aug 29, 2022 - Oct 3, 2022

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5.00 Mar 19, 2015 - Oct 22, 2015

"Steve did a great job! All corrections were made properly. He released work 3 days earlier than deadline. We would be happy to work with him in future!"

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Rating is 5 out of 5.
5.00 Jan 8, 2015 - Jan 12, 2015

"Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was very responsive to the message board, provided quality content, made sure he understood the parameters of the job, and gave me great product for a reasonable cost. Will definitely keep this provider on my list for repeat work! Thank you so much! :)"

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5.00 Mar 22, 2011 - Apr 14, 2011

"Awesome writer. Would love to work with again if possible. Great quality articles. Thanks Steve"

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5.00 Mar 16, 2011 - Mar 17, 2011

"Steve is a great writer, turned out high-quality articles with a fast turn-around. Would hire again."

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