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Hi, my name is Ivan Anishchuk and I do backends. For the last decade or so my usual stack has been centered around the typical pythonic Django/DRF/Postgres plus a few dozen libraries (to note some: pytest, requests, celery, spectacular, pydantic, django-oauth-toolkit) and cloud services (AWS, google, twilio, stripe, and million others) and I probably know everything about them but I'm not at all religious about it and had a chance to try almost everything that's in Python and popular enough including modern cutting edge libraries (yes, I dabbled with Channels, FastAPI, Flask, SQLAlchemy, you name it) and tools and services and methodologies. Some of the old and tried as well, I even did office software development with python before modern web started properly happening. Git is probably important enough to mention specifically, yes, I can do all the advanced stuff with it. Rust is what I like among the lower-level languages. My main area of expertise is not about tools or patterns though. Attention to detail, knowing the field in depth and width to a point of reciting RFCs from memory, and carefully calibrated aesthetic compass allow me to design simple and complex backend services for pretty much any business needs and knowing a little bit of everything allows to implement it in a way that (provided correct resources and good teamwork) will contribute timely product launch and reasonably easy further improvements and maintenance. And I solved enough scaling and optimization issues to know some good design ideas and what could become a pain point later on. Digital product development is a complex process and I normally work with a team (apart from irregular consultations/quick fixes) and am very particular about that part, I do want to have some idea whom I'm going to be working with before engaging. I'm not insisting on leading such a team or having any specific hierarchy (I can be helpful with overall architecture and minor product tasks and training junior developers based on merit and experience only, I don't need power or anything) but responsibility comes together with information flow and if I am to be in a position of any responsibility I really would like to be kept in the loop of everything relevant and have a say in important technical decisions. I know bits and pieces of frontend and mobile dev, ML, hardware, other programming languages and areas of knowledge, hopefully enough to align with people responsible for those parts and SMEs but most usually you want specialists working on special things and me to design and implement core logic and domain-specific structures around the flexible backbone of your product (not every business needs several people working just on backend, admittedly, but if yours is one of these you might at some point want someone like me just to know what actually happens under the hood and make practical recommendations to avoid known pitfalls... and things tend to go better with some intentional design at early stages of development, if anything, just the team's good mood and enthusiasm can go a long way, but I can always offer a rewrite if I see too much tech debt - properly planned rewrites could even be more fun than developing new things from scratch.) I generally prefer long term projects and at least some level of creative freedom but if it's fun I'm up to anything, ping me about it. And check out my personal page at IvanAnishchuk.com for more info.

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  • Containerization
  • Python
  • Unix Shell
  • RESTful Architecture
  • Unix System Administration
  • SQL
  • Django
  • Team Alignment
  • RESTful API
  • API