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Voice Over Actor

🎙️ Experienced Voice Over Artist & Creative Content Specialist Greetings! I am Jon Clarke, a seasoned voice over artist with a rich three-year journey in bringing scripts to life. My passion for storytelling extends beyond the microphone, as I also offer top-notch copywriting and blog-to-video services. What I Bring to the Table: 🔊 Voice Over Mastery: With three years of dedicated experience, I have honed my skills to deliver captivating and professional voiceovers across various genres. Whether it's a corporate narration, explainer video, or character voice, I ensure a compelling and engaging delivery that resonates with your audience. ✍️ Copywriting Expertise: Beyond my voice, I am a wordsmith who crafts compelling narratives. I specialize in creating persuasive and impactful written content, ensuring your message is not only heard but also remembered. From website content to marketing materials, I can enhance your brand's story. 📝 Blog to Video Conversion: Elevate your content strategy with my blog-to-video services. I transform your written articles into visually appealing and attention-grabbing videos, perfect for sharing on social media platforms or embedding on your website. This unique service brings a fresh perspective to your content and enhances its reach. Why Choose Me: 🎯 Client-Centric Approach: I prioritize understanding your needs and vision to deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I am committed to creating content that aligns seamlessly with your brand. 🚀 Innovation and Adaptability: In a dynamic digital landscape, I stay updated with industry trends. I embrace new challenges and am excited to introduce my latest service—blog to video conversion—to enhance your content strategy and engagement. Let's collaborate to make your projects come to life! Feel free to reach out, and let's discuss how I can bring a unique voice and creative flair to your next endeavor.


  • Casual Tone
  • Corporate Tone
  • Voice Recording
  • Narrated Presentation
  • Calming Tone
  • Voice Acting
  • Narration
  • Male
  • Canadian English Dialect

Get started working with Jon quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Jon quickly with these predefined projects.

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