Ken S.
The WoodlandsTX

Sr. Software Engineer

GoLang - Websites, custom high performance web servers, independently deployable microservices, web services, monoliths, APIs REST JSON, gRPC protobufs (proto3 protocol buffers unary and stream), utilities, console, terminal applications. Real-time peer-to-peer streaming - WebRTC (javascript), STUN (go), Websocket based signaling (Go - backend, javascript - frontend). .SQLite SQLite3 Google Cloud SQL - MySQL - MySQLWorkBench - SQL Google App Engine standard & flexible environment. Private network to Cloud SQL. Interview request: ---------------------- Questions you could answer in your interview request: 1.) What is your weekly, monthly, or overall budget for this project? 2.) What is the expected completion date?


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Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Ken to write embedded C++ for our 3 stage switch board in our fiber optic switch. This required a high level of detailed coding that had to conform to five nines, "High availability of services" while at the same time maintaining ultra high speed switching of fiber-optic communications data that passes though our switches. As such, all C++ had to conform to our stringent set of coding standards. ken was one of the developers I could count on to achieve coding and operational milestones. Ken also provided support to our test organization and would volunteer to helped them work through some of their more difficult debugging issues. Ken has a wide range of skills that I have barely touched on and without hesitation I would highly recommend Ken for any development job!"

Mike M. | Senior Software Development Engineer
Software Engineering Jan 2020


"I worked with Ken in development of the Optical mesh network switch at Tellium. Ken was allways available to lend his expertise to the project and allow the team to come in on time for major milestones. The work we did at Tellium was state of the art and Ken played a major role....if you want to get the project done...give it to Ken"

Tim Fish-Man C. | VTC Helpdesk and Technical Support
Software Engineering Feb 2020