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20.4 Million USD generated with Klaviyo | Certified Klaviyo Partner

⭐ 7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE & A KLAVIYO PARTNER THAT WILL OFFER TAILORED DESIGNS, SEGMENTS TO BOOST YOUR CLV, AND FLOWS TO INCREASE YOUR AOV ⭐ 🔴 Looking for 3 clients for Q4. I partner only with dedicated entrepreneurs and respected brands seeking major growth. For cost-effective options, consider other choices. ☑️ I assisted 34+ brands in generating $20.4 million in additional revenue in 2022. My strategic email and SMS campaigns led to substantial growth for my clients. ☑️ In 2022, Blackout Coffee achieved $1,139,947 (40.52% from Flows and 59.48% from Campaigns) in revenue using targeted email and SMS marketing. ☑️ Morris 4x4 generated $8,154,443 (43.22% from Flows and 56.78% from Campaigns) in one year revenue ☑️ QGS achieved £417,905 in 6 months ☑️ Every client sees a 31%-52% boost in revenue via Klaviyo under my guidance. With a decade of e-commerce digital marketing know-how and Klaviyo Email Marketing expertise, I am primed to drive your brand to its revenue zenith. As the Managing Partner at TAS Digital, I aim to optimize your brand's email marketing income. The main important KPI for me and my team is that we focus on your customer and how you want your customer to perceive your brand. This is done by: 👉🏻 Conduct deep research to understand your customer needs 👉🏻 Determine the appropriate copy and tone for your communication 👉🏻 Develop a suitable design structure for your brand 👉🏻 Identify relevant offers to promote your products/services 👉🏻 Ensure targeted segmentation for optimal presentation of your offerings Every month we check the metrics and report on how we want to optimize Open rates, click rates, and order rates, which is what we all want right?! Here is what we can do for you: ⚙️ Setup automation and/or A/B testing to improve your performance ⚙️ Develop a monthly campaign strategy to achieve your sales goals ⚙️ Get full copywriting services for your emails ⚙️ Get full email design services for your brand ⚙️ Optimize your open rates, click rates, deliverability, and segmentation ⚙️ Optimize your cost per result ________________________ If you are ready to sit, relax and watch your online brand grow more sales and customers then ☝️Just click that green invite button and chat with me, and let's GROW YOUR BUSINESS TOGETHER. Cheers, Talal
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  • Email Copywriting
  • Email Campaign Setup
  • Email Design
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Email
  • Email Campaign Optimization
  • Email Communication
  • Email Marketing Consultation
  • Email Marketing Platform Support