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Generative AI Expert | NLP, GPT, LLM, RAG

🏆 Expert-Vetted, Upwork Top 1% ! Generative AI and Deep Learning engineer and advisor (Ph.D., CMU) with 20+ years of experience, training multimodal models for search and recommendations, building GPT-based conversational solutions, mentoring teams across stack, taking products to market and publishing cutting edge research. **Important Note**. If you are reaching out to me about retrieve-generate, querying docs, information retrieval, recommendations or similar, I suggest you please read my article on substack titled "Why your GPT + Vector Search demo won't make it to production?". The article (linked in my portfolio) will help answer your initial queries -- most clients found the article very insightful. We can then have a more fruitful conversation about the system you want to build and how I can help. I finished my Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon and worked at IBM Research, building AI solutions and distributed systems tools. For almost a decade, I have helped many clients through the entire Machine Learning lifecycle, building wide variety of deep learning models for text, vision and speech problems. My projects include a mixture of creative, algorithmic problem solving and building across the tech stack. Recent projects involve: * Generative models + Information Retrieval. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). * Query large, unstructured document repositories using Vector embeddings. * Fine-tune LLMs on proprietary data. * Prompt Chaining to create Agents which decompose complex tasks (Langchain, LLamaIndex). * Prompt engineering to enable desired LLM outputs, GPT/LLM deployment, cost reduction. * Multimodal: Stable Diffusion - img2img. Whisper - speech-text alignment, diarization. I bring a very unique combination of skills to the table: ↪ I’m a senior AI engineer: Strategic problem solving with cutting edge deep learning tech. - model fine-tuning/inference (Transformers, GPT, ViT, ASR, CLIP, Diffusion, ControlNet), - large language model programs (GPT3/GPT4, search, OpenAI API, Langchain, prompt engineering) - Retrieve-Rank-Generate: Faiss, ES, Vespa, Milvus, Pinecone, Qdrant, Weaviate - Conversational AI, ChatBots using OpenAI LLMs - compression/optimization (Pytorch, TensorRT, Deepspeed, ONNX) - cloud: Docker/Kubernetes/AWS/GCP. - programming Stack: Python, Pytorch, FastAPI. Also worked with JavaScript, Go and Rust. ↪ As an Architect - I go from ambiguous specs to a clean, modular design of a complex system. Plan a system as a whole before optimizing the parts. Keep design simple. Mentor team. ↪ As a Researcher - I can explain and distill out consumable stuff from the most math dense, cutting-edge academic text. Published internationally over 20 years. Solving complex, multi-disciplinary problems is my core strength. ↪ As a Product Entrepreneur - I deeply care about the product strategy: who buys it, who consumes/uses it. I hustle to bridge the gap between cutting-edge tech and impactful products. I spot, lead and mentor deep tech talents. ✔️ Please have a look at the Deep Learning section of my profile to learn more about my past engagements. --- "Nishant is extremely knowledgeable about NLP and LLM incorporation into a project. He is very thoughtful and considered his responses carefully when answering my questions. He provided valuable insight and advice which will save significant time, effort and expense. His advanced expertise and wide-ranging experience, including academic publications as well as business consulting give him exceptional capability. I recommend Nishant highly. " "Nishant is incredible to work with. He is a fount of machine learning wisdom and knowhow. His involvement with our project was instrumental in taking it to new heights." "Nishant is everything I was hoping for: (1) truly a skilled, experienced expert on AI and (2) truly a kind, thoughtful person to work with. Thanks so much for the great work."

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  • Data Science Consultation
  • Model Optimization
  • OpenAI Embeddings
  • Model Training Prompt Engineering
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Generative AI
  • Large Language Model
  • Vector Database
  • LLaMA
  • AI Model Training Prompt