Onur Y.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Master

Onur is a workable person that you need on Upwork. Hire him today! Location: Avalon Park, Orlando, Florida, The United States of America Linkedin: OnurYolal Choose Me: 1. Delivering results on time and within budget. 2. Strong communication skills in English, ensuring clarity and collaboration throughout the project. 3. Open for phone calls, Zoom calls, Anydesk, Team Viewer remote controls 4. Good computer skills, I'm fast. 5. Adaptable and quick learner, enabling me to tackle new challenges efficiently. 6. Got a problem? I will bring you solutions. 7. I'm a proactive person which means, if anything I detect, I report it to you with all the clear reasons and possible solutions. 8. I work smart. Be Stronger With My Key Strengths: 1. Autodesk AutoCAD 2D drawing and design 2. I excel in language translations between English and Turkish languages. 3. Hands-on repairment of electronics, circuits, and Avionic Units (Airplanes, military planes, helicopters electronics repairment) 4. Roblox game creations, Roblox Luau coding, Roblox game testing and publishing 5. Control and Siemens PLC automation engineering using Siemens S7-Series Tia Portal & WinCC, and Codesys programming (ST, Ladder programming) Are you in Orlando, I can work on-site, 1. House electronics repair (plumber, disposal, water system, air conditioning) 2. I repair household electronic devices (TV-Television, Refrigerator, Light bulbs, and more) 3. Computer-based solutions (Software formatting, program installing, operating, data entries, format) I'm good at servicing these: - UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) maintenance, repair, test, and service for Highway Tunnels and Roads - Diesel Generator maintenance, repair, mechanic establishment, repair, and testing for continuous power supply for facilities. (CAT brand generators) - Electrical Compensation System build, repair, and maintenance for places (Hotels, companies, industrial areas) - PLC, SCADA, Telemetric Automation for fields, and Automation Control for Industry Facilities For Orlando, Florida-based works that I can serve: - Kitchen disposal repair, replacement, purchase - Kitchen electronics repair, purchase (Refrigidaire, microwave, oven) - Household electronics repair, purchase - House goods building, IKEA goods building, garderobe, bedding goods - House movement to another house needs - Your house-based electronics, devices, and units repair, replacement, and purchase. I am confident in my ability to bring value to your project through a combination of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a commitment to excellence. Let's discuss how I can contribute to the success of your upcoming projects.


  • PLC
  • Game
  • Android Studio
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Electronics