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* Guaranteed increase in sales. 📈💲📈 * Reached the Top 5 on ClickBank with 2 products in 1 year. * Increased average customer order by 3x (from $24 to $72) in just 30 days! * 100% - 500% Increase in sales for many clients. * Helped turn a startup into a $10 million company as the Director of Marketing. * Generated millions of dollars in revenue in just one month. 💰 I guarantee that my copywriting, marketing, or sales funnel will increase your sales. With unlimited revisions, I will continually work to make sure we get the results you need. When you hire me, you aren't just buying words: you're buying the ability to enter your customers' minds and convince them to take out their credit cards. You're buying a professional salesman that you can copy-and-paste to your website. I've pulled in $1.2 million for one client with just one of my sales pages. Another went from a 5.3% conversion rate to a profit-tripling 16%. And my emails turned $3,000 a month into $70,000 a month. If you want to learn more about me and my psychological strategies for increasing sales, just send me a quick message. Increase Conversions with Better Copywriting I've been in the freelance business for 5 years, and in that time, I've worked with two world-class mentors and hundreds of clients. I've also learned from over $10,000 in training materials from the world's most famous copywriters and internet marketers. People like: * Dan Kennedy (he's on everyone's list). * Clayton Makepeace (less famous, but one of my favorites). * Chris Haddad. * Gary Halbert. * Ryan Deiss. I'm not just a writer: I'm a marketing expert who can guide you through the entire process of increasing your sales, from setting up your lead magnet to launching a new product or service. Every Type of Copy for Every Business Many copywriters brand themselves as a very specific type of copywriter: * Digital vs Offline * Male vs Female * Products vs Services * High-End vs Economic * VSLs vs Written Pages But the reality is that none of these categories are mutually exclusive. It's good marketing for copywriters to tell you that they focus on particular niches, but it won't do anything to improve your sales. Copywriting is about one thing: using powerful emotions to guide people to making a purchase. That's true whether you're writing a Facebook ad or a radio spot. The strategies are always the same--only the details change. Find Secret "Money Fountains" Hiding In Your Business. I know it sounds ridiculous. If I read that sentence on someone else's profile, I'd laugh out loud. But the truth is that most businesses aren't charging enough. Even if your product is inherently "cheap," there are simple ways to increase your customer profitability. And since I'm a marketing pro (not just a writer), I can help you turn your current business into a much more profitable system. Stop Working and Make More Money You don't have to keep working your fingers to the bone to increase your sales. In fact, there comes a time when every business owner has to step aside and start delegating. Your time is best spent focusing on your core competency. My time is best spent growing your sales. Writing your own sales copy isn't going to be effective unless you're already a copy pro. I've been working at this for 10 years, and I'm ready to give you that expertise in a neatly formatted document that you can copy-and-paste to your website immediately. You'll still need to maintain your business, but with my copy, you can get more out of your web traffic and increase your profits on all your investments. Guaranteed Sales Increase I've seen a lot of copywriters try to wiggle their way out of making promises. They'll tell you that there are too many variables to make any guarantees. They'll tell you that web design can ruin your chances at conversions, and there's nothing the copywriter can do to change that. While it's true that many factors are out of our control, it's also true that a good copywriter will be able to help you improve those factors. And more importantly... None of those factors matter if you're pitting copywriting against copywriting! It's a simple A/B test. If you use the same web design with different copywriting, it doesn't matter if the web design isn't good: the better writing will still improve results. That's why I'm more than happy to offer a sales-increase guarantee. I won't sell you copy unless I know I can improve your sales, and after 5 years, not one of my clients has told me that my writing decreased their conversions! Get Your Personalized Portfolio Today I've worked with hundreds of clients in virtually every industry there is. Send me a message today, and I can give you a personalized portfolio with sales pages that were written in your industry. If your business needs more sales (and honestly, who doesn't?) just send me a quick message right now. I promise I'll make it worth your time. Thanks for reading.

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