Steven Alexander Y.
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Growth Marketing Strategist & Fractional CMO (for 7+ figure companies)

⚠️ I work exclusively with PROVEN businesses that want to take things to the next level. The clients I accept for my marketing strategy and Fractional CMO services are: ❌ NOT doing their fifth pivot of the year ❌ NOT living on a diet of ramen noodles to keep the lights on, and are ❌ NOT about to offer profit sharing because they can’t afford me otherwise Still here? Then find out why Upwork clients like you are saying: 🗣️ “Don't be put off by the hourly rate. Steven will deliver more in a few hours of his time than other ‘experts’ who like to bill you monthly for doing very little. In the end, you will be far ahead by having Steven in your corner. No BS, he goes above and beyond.” 🗣️ "If you are sick of being scammed by marketing agencies, please please please at least talk to Steven first. Yes he is not cheap but he delivered a lot more and saved us sooooo much money from hopping between agencies." 🗣️ “Steven is specific and strategic in his feedback so you're not left wondering what the next step is. Highly recommended if you're looking for 'cut through the noise' feedback to help you make decisions without paying the dues of ‘figuring it out’ over time.” 🗣️ “We have tried so many marketing agencies, CMOs, and marketing consultants. A lot of them are full of BS and they have no idea what they are doing. We are so glad we found Steven! He is an expert bull shit detector when it comes to marketing fluff.” 🗣️ "Steven and his team will become part of your team/family when you work with them! Like how friends are, he always gives honest assessment on what is needed and what is not, even if that means he might not benefit from it financially. That is something difficult to find these days. The only reason we are stopping the contract is he and his team did their job too well, giving us the playbook for us to execute for the coming months and year ;)” 🛠️🛠️🛠️ Things I can do for you: 🛠️🛠️🛠️ ✅ Develop a competitive marketing strategy ✅ Help you maximize your marketing budget ✅ Audit the work of your employees/agencies ✅ Build, train, or coach your marketing team ✅ Answer all your marketing questions (or help with things you didn't even know to ask) And much more. Whatever your situation, you'll leave with confidence that you're on the right path. (Need SEO help? Switch to my specialized profile in the sidebar) 🏷️🏷️🏷️ Pricing & Services 🏷️🏷️🏷️ $999/hour looks obnoxious, but Upwork only allows 3 digits max (I'd raise it if I could). But I have a unique business model to help you get maximum value with minimal risk. There's only ONE service new clients can hire me for: My no-fluff marketing consultation package. Here’s how it works: 1️⃣ Give me details on your business in one big info dump. Explain your issues, show me your analytics, and write a giant list of as many questions as you can think of. 2️⃣ We’ll then schedule 3 Zoom calls: One for clarifying info, one to go over all of your questions live, and one to cover the things you didn't know to ask. 3️⃣ For 30 days after the contract starts, you'll also get unlimited access to me over email. Whatever questions pop up later, I'll have an answer. The price is a flat, one-time cost of $25k. For the right client, this quickly pays for itself – sometimes *instantly* when I cut your wasteful marketing spend! If you can't comfortably afford this, my services are not for you. Don't go into debt or use the last of your runway to hire me – I can't advise a client that has no budget left. If you need more help after that first month, we can discuss ongoing services if it makes sense. Typical clients will sign on for a $10-30k monthly retainer to get my team's hands-on involvement, but many don't need anything extra because they got all the help they needed. 🛑🛑🛑 Before We Can Work Together 🛑🛑🛑 My own businesses keep me plenty busy, so I’m very careful with accepting new clients. Due to the volume of inquiries I get, I automatically trash any invites with the default "I'd like you to apply to my job" message. When you send me a message, there are three things you must include: 1) Info on your company, including a link to your website 2) Details on what challenges you’re currently facing so I know if I'm able to help or not 3) Confirmation that you read my full profile and have the budget to comfortably afford $25k (type the number back to me – I'll try to honor it even if I raise prices later) Sometimes it takes me a while, but I do reply to all invites that meet this criteria. ➡️➡️➡️ Next Steps ➡️➡️➡️ When you're ready, just click the green Invite / Contact button to send a message. You won't be locked into anything – we'll chat about details first before we start. P.S. Not logged in? Upwork will hide 90% of my work history (below). Create an account to see all my past projects and testimonials. [Note to other freelancers: Everyone who plagiarizes this profile gets reported and banned]

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