Er D.

Graphic Designer

Title: Graphic Designer | Brand | Motions design Description: Hello! I am a graphic designer with 7 years of experience helping companies and digital entrepreneurs improve their image, through different areas of design. My goal is to provide comprehensive support to entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small businesses, to help them optimize their appearance in the market to generate impact on their consumers and thus collaborate in what is most important: growing their business. MY SERVICES: Graphic Design Services: ✔️ Branding ✔️ motions design ✔️ social media design ✔️ corporate presentation design ✔️ Printed material design ✔️ Design Project Management ✔️ Graphic Design Consulting My three great passions: Organize: I am a lover of order, order gives peace of mind Communicate: I am rich when I interact, because that exchange of thought generates abundant knowledge. Communicating helps people solve their problems. Create: I'm a fan of new things. I always make sure that my creations are not only functional, but also a pleasure to look at.


  • Logo Animation
  • Vector Art
  • Branding
  • Social Media Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital Marketing Materials
  • Visual Presentation Design