Harish M.

Sr. Full Stack Developer Go | Node | React | Angular | Web3 | MySQL

As a Sr. Full Stack Developer and Senior Consultant, I bring over sixteen years of extensive and progressive experience in the development of multi-tier Web-based, Client Server applications, and Mobile Applications. My dedication to Full Stack development has allowed me to refine my skills in creating robust applications across various technologies. Over the last decade, I have specialized in Go Lang, Node.js, React, and React Native development, as well as database technologies such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Mongo DB. My Technical Stack includes: Frontend Development: React: Expert in using React for dynamic and interactive user interfaces. React Native: Experienced in developing cross-platform mobile applications with React Native. Angular: Skilled in building single-page applications with Angular. Vue.js: Familiar with creating efficient user interfaces with Vue.js. Backend Development: Go Lang: Developing high performance micro services and APIs Node.js: Expertise in building scalable server-side applications. Express.js: Proficient in using Express.js for web application development. PHP: Experienced in server-side scripting and building dynamic web applications. Databases: MySQL: Skilled in database management and development with MySQL. SQL Server: Proficient in utilizing SQL Server for enterprise-level applications. MongoDB: Experienced in NoSQL database management with MongoDB. Full Stack Solutions: End-to-End Development: Capable of designing and developing comprehensive solutions. Micro services Architecture: Develop lightweight, scalable micro services with Go, Node.js and React. Responsive Design: Proficient in creating responsive applications for different devices. Web and Mobile Application Development: Web Applications: Skilled in building high-performance web applications. Mobile Applications: Experienced in cross-platform mobile development. My expertise in full stack development allows me to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives, whether it's intuitive user interfaces, scalable backend systems, or managing complex databases.


  • React Native
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Web Application Development