Shakeel Ur R.

Physics and Mathematics Teacher

I hold a Master of Science degree in Physics and have been passionately teaching Physics and Mathematics for over twenty years. As a testament to my commitment, I established a Physics Laboratory within our Act Study Zone tuition center in Pakistan. This laboratory serves as a practical space for college students to conduct their experiments and demonstrations. To foster a greater interest in the subject, I often draw connections between physics and our everyday lives, using relatable examples. For instance, I explain why touching bare wires can result in electrocution for humans, while birds sitting on high tension wires remain unharmed. Similarly, I discuss the reasons behind slipping on muddy surfaces compared to dry surfaces and the importance of starting a car in first gear before transitioning to higher gears as it gains speed. When it comes to Mathematics, I am well-equipped to handle a variety of problems, including Algebra, Analytical Geometry, and Calculus. I employ simple yet effective methods to tackle numerical challenges in Physics and Mathematics. By identifying the specific areas where you face difficulties, I provide clear explanations that enable you to grasp the solutions effortlessly. My ultimate goal is to simplify the process of solving numerical problems in Physics and various topics of Mathematics, such as Algebra, Analytical Geometry, and Calculus, making them significantly more accessible to you.


  • Mathematical Modeling