Jessamine Jan S.

Jessamine Jan S.

Santa MariaPhilippines
Rising Talent

Customer Service & Tech Support | Management Skills, Email, Admin

Hi! My name is Jessamine Jan Sahagun, 27 yrs of age from Santa Maria Bulacan, I’d love to take a minute of your time to tell you why hiring me will be a benefit to your organization. I have worked in Customer care, technical and Escalation support for the last 6 yrs. My last job was at Concentrix as an Escalation Support. I am responsible for the complaints, thorough TS and Providing compensation. As feedback from the people I worked with often tells me that I am hardworking and reliable, who is always willing to go extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. If you're looking for efficiency, excellent communication and customer service skills, I'm the right person for the job, I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can be of value to your company. Thank you!


  • Calendar
  • Management Skills
  • Relationship Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Email
  • Business Management
  • Server
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Communication
  • Client Management