Priska N.

Virtual Assistant | Data Entry | Translation | Lead Generation | VO

Hello! I am a dedicated writer who finds joy in translating and inputting data. In addition to my writing skills, my captivating voice lends itself well to moderation and voice-over tasks. If you're in need of my services, I'm more than ready to assist! About Me: I thrive in the realm of words, holding a bachelor's degree in German literature and currently pursuing my master's in Communication Management. This academic journey has equipped me with a deep appreciation for language and a strategic approach to communication. Strengths: - Versatility: I effortlessly navigate between writing, translation, and data input tasks. - Linguistic Finesse: My background in German literature ensures a nuanced and eloquent touch to my work. - Professionalism: I bring a dedicated and organized approach to every project. Weaknesses: - Perfectionism: At times, my pursuit of excellence might lead me to spend extra time refining details. - Overcommitment: Due to my enthusiasm, I may occasionally take on more projects than advisable. Note: Collaborating with me means gaining a partner who is not only committed to delivering high-quality work but is also on a continuous journey of growth and improvement. Your projects will benefit from my unique blend of linguistic artistry and communication management skills. Let's embark on a creative journey together! 😊


  • Scripting
  • Voice Talent
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