Gaurav K.

Senior Software Engineer

⚫️ Are you in need of a skilled Full-stack developer to turn your ideas into digital reality? Let's connect and discuss your project! Let's explore how I can assist you: 1️⃣ Initial Discussion: Let's have a thorough conversation about your project's objectives, design, functionalities, and choose the best technology stack. 2️⃣ Planning: Craft a detailed work plan, setting clear deadlines and budgets, ensuring alignment with your requirements. 3️⃣ Design and Prototyping: Develop prototypes and wireframes if needed, awaiting your approval before starting development. 4️⃣ Development and Testing: Dive into development, ensuring quality with rigorous testing at every stage. 5️⃣ Regular Updates: Keep you informed with transparent updates on the project's progress. 6️⃣ Post-Release Support: I'll provide continuous support after launch to ensure your project remains smooth and relevant. ✔️ Front End: JavaScript (ES5/ES6), TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind CSS, React, Vue, Redux, React Hooks, and more. ✔️ Back End: Node.js, Express, Nest.js, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL. ✔️ API Integrations: Stripe, PayPal, Google, and more. ✔️ Testing/Deployment: AWS, Firebase, Docker, Mocha, Chai, Jest, DigitalOcean, Vercel. ✔️ Development Tools: Git, npm, Webpack, Babel, Agile Methodology, TDD, Nginx. ✔️ Design: Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. 🛠 Maintenance: Optimization and bug fixing. If you're interested in working together, feel free to click the "INVITE" or "HIRE" button on my profile


  • Angular
  • SCSS
  • Vue.js
  • Redux
  • MySQL Programming
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • NoSQL Database
  • MEAN Stack