Adebayo O.

Mobile Development | Agile Software Development, Android, AOSP, IoT

I am a talented, multi-functional Software Engineer, with over 6+ years experience developing software applications in the industry, seeking to undertake a position requiring software application development for fabrication, design and implementation for internet of things technologies. I am skilled in Java/Kotlin, Android development (Jetpack libraries, SDK, NDK, JNI), BLE/WIFI on Android, C++ and have a good understand of python development etc. Both my background and professional experience have been running on three separated, sometimes closely related areas namely: Android Application development, Image Processing Software development, and Embedded Software Development. my recent experience has focused more on Android development, working as Software engineer at industry leaders such as General Motors Canada, and JP Morgan & Chase co., I also have experience working with SME and start-ups like; AIDML, Andela, Reach Technologies etc., developing a range of android applications including lifestyle management apps and real-time applications etc. I have also worked remotely as a freelance software developer, building IoT android applications that communicate asynchronously with multiple devices at the same time, and developing facial recognition software using visual C++, third party image processing sdk and libraries for a remote security camera system.


  • Kotlin
  • Python
  • Bluetooth
  • Product Development
  • AOSP
  • Application
  • Bluetooth LE