Binit D.
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Web Scraper | Automation Expert | Data Extraction

Namaste, I am a professional Python web scraper and Automation Expert from Kathmandu with three years+ of a successful journey in this field and have been involved in 100+ large and small web scraping projects. I am very passionate about coding and give attention to every small detail to make the most efficient code possible. I can write automation scripts for your company or for personal use to make your workflow easier which may range from pdf automation to tracking price info. I can scrape data from almost any website you want and have experience with captcha solving APIs like 2captcha and anti-captcha. I can extract data from pdf using python and Linux tools too. I am open to time and waiting eagerly to work with you. And I can start right away. Even all of the reviews I have got are all about the pace at which I accomplish success in the project. Client reviews filled with joy are all that drive me. :) Some of the tools I have used most throughout my career as a web scraper: ✅ My Weapons for web scraping: - Scrapy - Playwright-python❤️ - Selenium - Splash(with Lua) ❤️ - Requests ✅ Parsing tools - lxml (mostly lxml because of XPath support and comparative fast) - Beautiful Soup4 ✅ Data Analysis and Visualization - Pandas ❤️ - Numpy - Matplotlib ✅ Save scraped data directly to databases - MySQL (mysql.connector) - PostgreSQL(sqlalchemy)

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  • Scrapy
  • Selenium
  • Python-Requests
  • Google Sheets
  • PDF
  • Scripting