Kristen F.

Book Editing, Formatting, Publishing, Book Reviews, and Marketing

Hello Authors! So you just finished writing your manuscript—now what? I help with everything post-manuscript: editing, formatting for eBook and print publication, publishing on marketplaces such as Amazon and iBooks, cover design, marketing, book reviews, and much more! I'm the owner of Deviance Press (, an indie publishing house based in Atlanta, GA, as well as Pubby (, a book review service. I studied creative writing at Indiana University, and am currently working toward my MFA in Writing at SCAD. I also work part-time as a Senior Editor for Amazon Publishing's various imprints. In the past, I worked at Amazon's CreateSpace, creating marketing materials such as covers, back cover copy, product descriptions, and taglines for self-publishing authors. I have an insight into the Amazon self-publishing world that's pretty hard to find on the UpWork platform. I can help you choose the right keywords and categories to get your book noticed, and I'm familiar with all aspects of Amazon Marketing Services, including sponsored product ads, headline ads, and product display ads. I can consult you on these services, help you improve your current campaigns, or launch and run new campaigns on your behalf. I use the award-winning formatting software Vellum to create beautiful books for both digital and print publication. You can choose from various custom styles and designs to suit your preferences. Your books will be compatible across all marketplaces, including Kindle, iBooks, NOOK, and your hard copy printer of choice. For custom book covers, I have a group of artists that I work with specifically who have varying styles and talents. Many clients choose to hire me as a project manager who can take care of everything on their behalf. Hiring one person to look after all aspects of your publishing process can save you the extensive time, money, and frustration that comes with hiring and managing multiple freelancers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I check my messages regularly and typically respond within the hour. Thank you! Kristen


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