Tan W.

Senior brand and packaging creative

I wasn’t gifted in academics, but I had a flair for art. As a kid, I didn’t know what design was, but I was drawn to the pretty wrappers of candies and snacks more than the actual treats. It was no surprise I studied design and discovered problem-solving through design is my gift. I graduated with a diploma in visual communications. 10 years into my career in both design and global advertising agencies, I was retrenched as a Design Director. This chapter opened my doors to freelancing. It was a turning point because climbing the corporate ladder was not my ambition. Solving design problems, ideation and creation is my passion. As a full-time freelancer, I support the creative teams in agencies and clients who manage a brand or business in brand or packaging design. The mobile nature of freelance gives me exposure to many industries. They range from food and beverage to luxury hotels, from skin and beauty to pharmaceuticals. My experience with these different categories and my diverse design skills from ideation to production knowledge makes me an asset in any collaboration. I inspire the teams with cross-category insights and together we are able to explore unique concepts. Good design starts with a good brief and I am not afraid to challenge one. My objective is to dig deep into the core of the problem and find the best creative solution. My strength lies in translating creative strategies into thoughtful designs. I am a thinking designer, not just an operator. Design thinking is an essential part of my thought process. I am meticulous and I pride myself on producing sensitive and well-crafted designs. My work reflects my passion and dedication. Beyond skills and experience, my authentic and nurturing personality brings warmth to any environment. I work well in a team and people enjoy my positive energy. My goal in any collaboration is to make the team I support successful.


  • Brand Identity
  • Mockup
  • Covers & Packaging
  • Branding