Eduard T.
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Front/Back-End Developer

I am a diligent developer with over four years of experience in web development, who transforms design concepts into user-friendly applications efficiently. I specialize in Front-End development, with my primary stack revolving around React, MobX, Tailwind CSS to craft responsive and visually appealing user interfaces, but I also possess the flexibility to contribute to Back-End projects. My core expertise is in: Front-End: • Proficient in React.js (including React Hooks), JavaScript, React Router (or custom state-based routing), Tippy.js, Popper.js, React Datepicker, react-window, react-virtualized, and react-cool-virtual. • MobX and mobx-state-tree for efficient state management. • Tailwind CSS, Windi CSS, HTML5/CSS3, SCSS, and HTML5 Canvas for crafting stunning user interfaces. • Well-versed in Webpack, Vite, Jest, Yarn/NPM, Babel, and ESLint • Proficient in building RESTful API applications While my primary focus is Front-End, I also possess versatile knowledge in Back-End technologies: • Ruby, Clojure, Java, and Kotlin • Kafka • PostgreSQL These technologies empower me to contribute to Back-End development tasks, broadening my skill set and enabling me to work on a variety of projects.

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  • SCSS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Mobx
  • Jest