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Gen AI Developer & Architect | CTO & Tech Strategy | Startup Advisor

🌟 Top 1% AI Consultant on Upwork | Expert-Vetted 🌟 I'm an experienced Gen AI Developer & Architect with +10 years of experience working in top-tier research institutions with MIT professors & founding 2 VC-backed startups (over $1.2M of entrepreneurial insights and lessons learned). Recently focusing on Generative AI applications: How I can help: 🧠 Launch your AI idea into a commercially viable business with CTO & Tech Strategy Consulting: • AI Product Strategy • AI Commercialization Strategy • Roadmaps, Costing & Resources, Investor Decks • Risk Assessments, Competitor Analysis, Differentiation 🚀 Build your Gen AI project end-to-end with Fullstack AI Development: • AI Architecture Design • Code frameworks & Tool Stack Selection • AI Implementation and Deployment • Ongoing Optimization and Testing My Services: 🎨 AI Architecture Design 🚀 AI Engineer & Software Development (Cloud/DevOps/MLOps/Data Engineering) 🔍 AI Commercialization Advising 🤖 Edge-Computing/IoT/Hardware deployment. 🧠 CTO | Tech advisor | Consultant – I can join your team on a partial basis First-author on AI conference papers (ICRA, AAAI, ICCM) and US Patent holder #405505-561P01US. I obtained a M.S. of Computer Science from Brown University, later awarded a Research Fellowship by the National University of Singapore. Founder of VC-backed AI companies with diverse industry applications. Sharing Knowledge in: ✅ Generative AI: LLMs, Chatbots, LangChain, LlammaIndex, RAG, Vector Databases, Prompt Engineering, GPTs, Claude, Stability, Chain of Thought, Convergent Sampling. ✅ AI Neural Networks: Transformers, Generative Adversarial Networks, Variational Autoencoders, Graph Neural Networks, LSTMs, CNNs, Random Forest Classifiers, SVMs, Kernel Methods, Bayesian Modeling ✅ AI Frameworks: Pytorch, TensorFlow, OpenCV, Scikit-Learn, ✅ Data Analysis: Regression, Classification, ANOVA, T-tests, High-dimensional Clustering, K-fold Validation ✅ Cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, Cron Scheduling, Error Reporting & Logging, Microservices Design, Client Libraries ✅ DevOps/MLOps: Github Actions, Docker, Terraform, CI/CD, Experiment Tracking & Dataset Versioning ✅ Backend Engineering: API Gateway, OpenAPI 2.0, Redoc, REST Commands, OAuth, API Key Management ✅ Databases: SQL, NoSQL (Neo4j – Graph DB), Query Engines (Big Query), ETL, Horizontal and Vertical Scaling ✅ Agile Development: Project Owner, Manager for External Projects, External and In-House Team Scrum Master, Sprint & Epic Planning, Roadmap Design/Project Requirement Documents ✅ Languages: Python, C, C++, Java, R, SQL ✅ IoT/Edge Computing/Hardware: TCP, UDP, AI Algorithm Benchmarking, Edge Computing, Data Transmission Rates & Volumes, Codecs, (H264, H265, AV1), Transcoding, GPU, TPUs Architectures, CUDA
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