Jerrold S.

Email copywriter for auto response sequence

I know what you're looking for... A copywriter. I know I know, I'm from Singapore and you might be asking "Where is Singapore? Do you even speak English?" Yes, I do speak English. In fact, in Singapore English is our first language. "I know you do speak English, but you speak Singlish" What? Singlish? Where do you hear it from leh? (see what I did there?) Yup, we speak Singlish all the time, but that doesn't mean that we don't speak perfect English like everyone else. It's just how we converse among ourselves. But when it comes to writing in a more "business" setting, we will turn it on and you wouldn't even know we are speaking Singlish at all. Also, you might be wondering... "What about American English?" Erm... Isn't it the same meh? (This is my Singlish again, pardon me) My country is heavily influenced by American culture and we know how would Americans speak. My motto is being on time. Personally, I hate people who are late. And since I hate people who are late, I expect the same thing for myself. So I will ensure that discuss with you on the deadline and make sure that I will meet the deadline without fail. So hit me up to see how can I help you. What I don't do: - Gambling industry - CV - Resume - Technical writing - Translation But here are some of the things I do too: - Email marketing - Sales letter - VSL - Facebook advertising - Content writing

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