Isaac  P.

Python Developer - AI Chat Bots, Machine Learning, Web Scraping

🇺🇸 Native English speaker. 100% available to offer phone number for direct 24/7 communication on project updates. Are you scared of ❌ wasting your money? ❌ receiving a terrible product? ❌ unorganized code? ❌ miscommunication? Are you looking for ✅ fast and efficient work? ✅ affordable price? ✅ easy communication? ✅ high-quality and professional work? Why choose ⭐️Me⭐️? ✅ On-Time Delivery: I ensure that I deliver quality code on time meeting the client's expectations. ✅ Responsiveness: I offer all streams of communication and can respond very quickly. ✅ Portfolio Projects: I plan on providing as much value as possible and you can see this through my personal portfolio projects. Here are my ⭐️Strengths⭐️! ✅ Building custom AI Chat Bots, highly capable LLM based software, integrating AI into your software ✅ Experienced in Python development with specialization in web scraping, data cleaning, and building custom data scraping pipelines ✅ I am a US East Coast born and raised and currently am based out of the UK. I have been programming and building software for the past 4 years and currently attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. ✅ I will partner with you to make your dream software come to reality. ⭐️My Skills:⭐️ ✅ Python, TypeScript, Next.js, React, TailwindCSS ✅ MongoDB, SQLite ✅ TensorFlow, LlamaIndex, LangChain, OpenCV, HuggingFace, Transformers, BERT, Whisper, LLama 3, Open AI ✅ FastAPI, Flask ✅ Twilio, Airtable, & Notion APIs ✅ DynamoDB, AWS EC2 * Add quotes from clients and examples of project cases with links to them


  • Web Scraping
  • Chatbot
  • ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT API Integration
  • Llama 3
  • FastAPI